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Accident and Incident Reporting

Accident Reporting

The reporting of accidents and near-misses is an essential part of the Accident Prevention Program. All accidents and near-misses should be reported to human resource services within 24 hours of the accident/incident. Major accidents resulting in death, serious injury, amputation, loss of an eye, or in-patient hospitalization must be reported to human resource services immediately.

In the event of an accident, involved employees must complete an accident report and review the report with their supervisor(s). The supervisor(s) shall complete the supervisor's section of the report and submit both sections to human resource services.

Accident Report Form

Employees should complete an incident report when a situation or hazardous condition is observed that could result in an injury if left uncorrected.

Incident Report Form

Accident and Incident Investigation

Some accidents and near-misses may require an investigation. Accident investigations reconstruct the chain of events leading to an accident or near-miss to identify unsafe acts and conditions requiring corrective action. The focus of any accident investigation is fact-finding, not fault-finding. An accident investigation and subsequent implementation of corrective actions minimizes the potential for future accidents.

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