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Campus Safety Committee

The mission of the Campus Safety Committee is to provide support and enhance Whitworth University's occupational and environmental safety programs. This group of staff and faculty will help reduce the risk of workplace injuries and illnesses by providing recommendations to the university's safety manager. The committee is composed of elected and appointed employees from various departments on campus. Please contact the safety manager or a committee member if you have questions or concerns regarding campus safety.

Safety Committee Program

Elected Members

  • Amanda Clark – Library
  • LeAnn Dettmann – Health Center
  • Jeannie Huskisson – Admissions
  • Jeanette McKoon – General Trades and Maintenance
  • Todd Sandberg – UREC
  • Christina Yost – Custodial Services

Appointed Members

  • August Weil – Human Resources
  • Joy Diaz – Chemistry
  • Dolores Humiston – Human Resources
  • Laurie Armstrong-Sargent – Student Employment
  • Shane Wibel – Athletics
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