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Whitworth 2021

At the outset of a 10-year vision and strategic plan, Whitworth University finds itself at a crossroads in its history when internal and external forces present unprecedented opportunities and challenges that call for courageous decision-making. And in many ways, Whitworth has always lived out its mission at a crossroads that brings together the deep resources of its Christian mission with a broad spectrum of ideas, voices and perspectives to provide an education of mind and heart. These crossroads represent the past and the future; they connect the immutable values that have guided Whitworth for more than 120 years with a bold vision for how the university will equip the next generation of students to "honor God, follow Christ and serve humanity."

God is the builder of everything... and we are his household if we hold on to our courage and the hope in which we rejoice.

Hebrews 3:4-6

Holding fast to Whitworth's Christ-centered mission, while simultaneously expanding opportunities for experiential learning, intercultural engagement and post-graduate preparation, brings the university to new crossroads in its institutional trajectory. The steady undergraduate enrollment growth of the past decade has contributed to enhanced facilities, faculty and other resources. There is now strong consensus that the university will be best served by stabilizing undergraduate enrollment and investing in the depth and quality of students' learning experiences. This bold but necessary move calls on Whitworth's leadership to manage resources in new and innovative ways and for alumni and friends to support the university at greater levels.

Whitworth is indeed at a crossroads that calls the university to engage its distinctive mission, its educational enterprise and its environment with great courage. The late Notre Dame University President Emeritus Father Theodore Hesburgh described Christian higher education as a "lighthouse standing at the crossroads" – a gathering place to explore and discuss the world of ideas and also a source of light to illuminate the search for understanding and truth. By God's grace, may Whitworth University be such a place.