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A New Catechumenate

We believe that Christianity in America is imperiled, at least in part because so many Christians are Christians in name only. Believers need a stronger foundation on which to build their spiritual lives and practice of discipleship. In response to these challenges, the Office of Church Engagement has developed a new track in the Academy of Christian Discipleship called "A New Catechumenate."

Modeled after the catechumenate of the early church, this new catechumenate serves as an on-ramp to the Christian faith. Our challenge now is not complete unfamiliarity with Christian faith, but distortion and confusion. We invite churches to partner with us to better equip disciples for lives of faithful service to Jesus Christ through deep study and practice.

For a detailed breakdown of this track, its content and a guide to small group meetings, read A New Catechumenate Detailed Overview

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Learn more about "A New Catechumenate" and what you can expect from the course.

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Knowing | Session 5

From year 1 of this track, this video will introduce you to the first theme of knowing.

Session 5 Study Guide

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Believing | Session 11

From year 1 of this track, this video will introduce you to the second theme of believing.

Session 11 Study Guide

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Track Overview

This track is designed to be studied over the course of two years. Small groups and churches will complete 16 videos in the first year and 16 videos in the second year, with two small group meetings, a comprehensive study guide, spiritual exercises, homework assignments and special projects to accompany each video.

Registration is $50 per person for each year of the program.

Register as a Church Register as an Individual

  • Church Registration is designed for large groups and entire congregations that plan to study this track together. Registrants will sign up through their church, and a single payment will be made to OCE. Churches should compile their participant list in this template: Participant List Template
  • Individual Registration is designed for small groups where individual members can complete their own registration and pay separately.


"I've been a Christian for 48 years, and I very much needed this class. The Holy Spirit worked in and around and through the teaching, homework and spiritual exercises to create eye opening growth, awareness and a revived hunger in me." – Bonnie Hansen

"As a lead pastor of a local church, "A New Catechumenate" was exactly what I was hoping for! This 'experience' is perfect for the person who is seeking to dive deeper into their Christian faith. People leave with a greater understanding of the foundations of our faith AND with opportunity to put those foundations into practice." – James Leman, Lead Pastor at Spokane First Free Methodist Church

"As a relatively new Christian, I must admit I felt a bit apprehensive at first about enrolling in the catechumenate class because of a perceived 'highbrow' nature of the course. Your personable style and wonderful spiritual understanding were a great mix while learning about the early Church, gaining a deeper grasp of doctrines, and how to more fully seek God and walk with Jesus in my life." – Jim Young