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A group of academy students sit around picnic tables outside and listen as one student speaks. Open notebooks sit on the tables.

Academy of Christian Discipleship

The Academy of Christian Discipleship is designed to train people in godliness, to form disciples into lifelong apprentices to Jesus, and to strengthen the life of the local church.

But this isn't just another small group program.

It's not meant to simply impart information – we have enough of that already.

These studies are designed to put learning into practice and to raise the level of functional discipleship in churches so that those who profess faith in Christ actually live out that faith daily.

In turn, the life the church is given new energy – turning from a consumer culture to one of discipleship.

Featured Tracks

The Liturgical Script of the Church

“All things are yours,” Paul wrote. The church today benefits from 2,000 years of history, which contains a vast assortment of writers, preachers, artists, musicians, and so much more. This series will introduce you to just a sampling of the hymnody, art, literature, poetry, theology, and spiritual rhythms and practices of the Christian tradition and help you explore how these resources can enrich our faith today.

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The Biblical Theme of Shalom

Peace appears in the Bible just many times as the word love. It is woven through the biblical story, from the breaking of God’s vision of shalom in the garden to a vision of restoration in the Gospels. God is on a mission to restore his shalom vision in the world once and for all. This track covers the biblical theme of shalom from Genesis to Revelation and considers what this concept means for Christians today in their lives and relationships.

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A New Catechumenate

Modeled after the catechumenate of the early church, this new catechumenate serves as an on-ramp to the Christian faith. In response to the distortion and confusion of our culture, we need to help believers build a stronger foundation for their spiritual lives and practice of discipleship. This track covers the essential elements of the Christian faith and guides participants toward faithful service to Jesus through deep study and practice.

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Access to each track in the Academy of Christian Discipleship costs $50 per person.


  • Church Registration is designed for large groups and entire congregations that plan to study this track together. Registrants will sign up through their church, and a single payment will be made to OCE. Churches should compile their participant list in this template: Participant List Template
  • Individual Registration is designed for small groups where individual members can complete their own registration and pay separately.

Contact Alexis Perry at with questions.

Equipping Resources

Track Archives

The Third Way

Ancient Romans did not know what to make of the early Christian movement because both its message about Jesus and its lifestyle was so unique, a “third way” after traditional Roman religion and Judaism. Romans had never seen anything like it. Christendom compromised it. Our post-Christendom environment demands that we rediscover it. This track explores how the uniqueness of the Christian movement, as we see in the books of Acts and in early Christianity, can shape the church today.

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On Mission

The church in the West appears to be in decline, not only in Europe, but also in America. Yet, the church in other parts of the world is growing, even under pressure and persecution. Why? What can we learn from the worldwide church as we adjust to our post-Christendom context? This track features the testimonies and teachings of indigenous church leaders from around the world as they share with the western church what they are doing in their kingdom work.

The Gospel in the Four Gospels

Four books, four authors, four styles, four perspectives, but one story about one man, the human Jesus who turned out to be the Lord Jesus. Matthew, Mark, Luke and John all bear witness to this Christ. They differ in details but not in message. They proclaim Jesus as Messiah, Son of God, Savior and Lord. This track covers three of the four gospels.

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Deepening the Root System

We are called to be apprentices to Jesus, our master, who not only makes us new but also invites us to live in a new way. This track focuses on what it means to go deep with Jesus: how Jesus shapes identity, forms community, renews and re-orders human life, and shapes how we live in the world.

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Introduction to the Bible

We as Christians consider the Bible as our book because we believe that the written word of God bears witness to the incarnate Word of God. Yet, it remains a mysterious book to many of us. We claim it as our own, but we don’t necessarily know much about it—for example, how it came to be a book and what it teaches about God. This track explores the book of Christians: its composition, big story, unique features and major sections.

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Christian Leadership

Take a handful of Christians, give them a task, and you create an organization. Organizations of whatever size and scope need leaders who are committed both to principle and to people, and who see leadership as an expression and extension of discipleship. This track focuses on the art and practice of Christian leadership in organizations small and large.

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We aren’t interested in simply producing right doctrine or right thinking about the scriptures. These tracks should change the way that you relate to yourself, your neighbor and to God. To do this, we are committed to three core principles:

Community: To become disciples we need to seek God. We also need each other. These tracks are designed to be studied alongside other believers in cohorts or small groups where sharing life is just as important as the curriculum.

Application: Success here is measured by how learning is being put into practice. A good discussion should never be the end of the story. There is no true understanding of Christianity apart from active faith and obedience.

Orthodoxy: We are committed to the great tradition of historic orthodox faith. Put another way, these tracks focus on the essentials of the Christian faith that unite us all as one body of believers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I find enough leaders for small groups?

We find that the best training happens on the job. Try asking for volunteers and see what happens! Of course, you can screen the group if necessary. Then gather with group leaders periodically to troubleshoot problems and fine-tune their leadership skills. Many groups have found this training video helpful as well (the training beings at the 3:00 mark).

Is this material just for new believers?

No! In fact, we have heard from many seasoned believers that the material from the Academy of Christian Discipleship has deepened their faith in profound ways. Participants have shared that groups with a mix of newer Christians and more mature believers leads to very fruitful relationships and transformation for all involved.

Do I have to stick to a particular schedule for each track?

Nope. All of the material is totally self-paced, though we recommend sticking to a similar schedule church wide so that the material can cross pollinate among groups. We recommend alternative schedules for a few of the tracks, so look for that info with the introductory materials.

I'm not a pastor, can I still get access to the material?

Of course! If you have a small group ready to dive into one of the Academy tracks, that’s great. Fill out the interest form and we will help you with payment and access to the materials.


"A New Catechumenate has provided a framework to practically [seek God] on a daily, moment by moment basis. It has provided tools that help me more consistently be aware and attentive in both my prayer life and sacramentally live out my daily routine in the real world with my family, community, vocation and church. The realization that Jesus Christ is indeed always present and the Lord of every single aspect of my life, not just Sunday morning, has molded and defined a new rhythm for my life."

- Mark Elliot

"The faithful witness of all those who have contributed to the teaching delivered by the OCE has touched our hearts and our lives. The materials are laid out in a way that flows, engages, provides clearly teaching, and encourages personal and community transformation. The production value is high, but always for the purpose of effectiveness."

- Tom Mateer