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Bryan Oliver Gallery Archive


Krista Brand
Sept. 13-Oct. 28, 2022

Faculty Exhibit
Nov. 8, 2022-Jan. 20, 2023

Iva Haas
Feb. 7-March 24, 2023

Senior Exhibition: Untitled: X
April 11-May 20, 2023


Supersonica: Kayo Nakamura
Sept. 14-Oct. 29, 2021
Jiemei Lin
Nov. 9, 2021-Jan. 21, 2022
Rajah Bose
Feb. 8-March 25, 2022
Senior Exhibition
April 12-May 21, 2022


Recent Grads: Marissa Gibson, Daniel Miller, Rachel Prior, Katelyn Rinehart and Rebecca Young
Sept. 15-Oct. 30, 2020

Faculty Biennial
Nov. 10, 2020-Jan. 22, 2021

In Response: Jenny Hyde, Roin Morigeau and Dan McCann
Feb. 9-March 26, 2021

Senior Exhibition
April 13-May 22, 2021


Anna Baer '09: Blithe with Me
Sept. 10-Oct. 18, 2019

Matthew Whitney '00
Nov. 12, 2019-Jan. 24, 2020

Meagan Stirling '02
Feb. 4-March 20, 2020

Senior Exhibition
April 7-May 16, 2020


Ben Frank Moss: The Whitworth Collection
Sept. 11-Nov. 2, 2018

Faculty Exhibit
Nov. 13, 2018-Jan. 25, 2019

Nathan Sandberg Glass Exhibit
Feb. 5-March 22, 2019

Senior Exhibition
April 9-May 18, 2019


Squeak Meisel: the immortals
Sept. 12-Nov. 3, 2017

Todd Reed
Nov. 14, 2017-Jan. 26, 2018

Jessica Spring and Chandler O'Leary: Dead Feminist Prints
Feb. 6-March 23, 2018

Senior Exhibition
April 10-May 19, 2018


South Africa Show: Between the Shadow and the Light
Sept. 13-Oct. 28, 2016
In June 2013, artists and educators from the United States and six different African countries — Botswana, Ghana, Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and Zimbabwe — gathered in South Africa for two weeks of living, learning and creating together. As participants in project "R5: A Visual Arts Studio and Seminar in South Africa," they undertook an intensive program of engagement with South Africa — its history, culture and contemporary reality — and with each other. R5 refers to five themes South African artists deal with in significant measure: Remembrance, Resistance, Reconciliation, Representation and Re-visioning. This exhibit is the culmination of that experience.

Sage Paisner
Nov. 8, 2016-Jan. 27, 2017
New Mexico calls itself the land of enchantment, but it can be the land of entrapment to those who grew up there. Like Odysseus, we yearn to leave our home seeking opportunities and adventures it lacks. We want to travel far, to experience new things, places and spaces, and cross vast oceans and hot deserts, sometimes leaving with not even knowing the reason why. The elation of heading out west on the open road to the coast was hit head on by the harsh coldness of the city, and the real price of those opportunities so far from home and family. Photographing and documenting the stories of my family and friends in New Mexico creates a history that represents the struggles of communities too often left out of mainstream history books and media. I record family, friends and mentors using video and photography to bring forward these stories of personal, family and societal struggles.

Faculty Biennial Exhibition
Feb. 7-March 24, 2017

Senior Exhibition: ends and odds
April 11-May 20, 2017


The Devil is in the Details
Sept. 15-Oct. 30, 2015
This is a curated exhibition of five contemporary artists who use new approaches in subject matter and craft. The exhibition highlights the extraordinary inventiveness and visual intellect of Benjamin DeMott, Claire Hedden, Joetta Maue, Andy Messerschmidt and Elisabeth Higgins O'Connor.

John Holmgren: Selected Works
Nov. 10, 2015-Jan. 29, 2016
Holmgren's work explores connections to and experiences of place, landscape, environment, time and memory. "I often use mixed media in my work to suggest the layering of information we compile within our experiences and our memories. The layering in the work is an attempt to bring the viewer into my own complicated experience of these places and suggest the complexity of how we come to know a place."

Gala Bent: Everything Seems to be Coming Together
Feb. 9-April 1, 2016
This exhibition is a selection from recent bodies of work by Gala Bent, along with a group of new pieces that continue to explore the harmonies and dissonances that make the shape of the world around us. These paintings, drawings and objects seek to reflect the inevitable strain that forms when the systems that we inherit and create meet with resistance. Some glory in that messy place while others attempt to make new structures to hold tension in balance.

Senior Exhibition: The Space Between
April 12-May 21, 2016
The Whitworth University Art Department is proud to present the 2016 Senior Exhibition. An eclectic and engaging selection of works from our art and graphic design majors will be on display. Please join us as we celebrate with this year's graduating class at an opening receiption on April 12 or at the closing reception on May 21.


Chris Jordan: Running the Numbers: Portraits of Mass Consumption
The Whitworth University Art Department and the Bryan Oliver Gallery are proud to present the work of Seattle-based photographer Chris Jordan. This exhibit, part of his Running the Numbers series of work, looks at contemporary American culture through the austere lens of statistics. Each image portrays a specific quantity of something: 2 million plastic bottles (five minutes of bottle use): 106,000 aluminum cans (30 seconds of can consumption) and so on. This project visually examines these vast and bizarre measures of our society; in large intricately detailed prints assembled from thousands of smaller photographs. Employing themes such as the near versus the far, and the one versus the many, Mr. Jordan hopes to raise some questions about the roles and responsibilities we each play as individuals in a collective that is increasingly enormous, incomprehensible and overwhelming.

Whitworth Faculty Exhibition: Parole
David Overstreet, Katie Creyts, Rob Fifield, Kirk Hirota, Jeff Huston, Lance Sinnema, Gordon Wilson

Katherine Sullivan: Force Drift
Force Drift brings together paintings from the Docile Bodies series with new works that reflect on the cyclical nature of torture and violence, on the sexual aspect inherent in much violence, and finally on the dialectical nature of the relationship which binds an authority figure and its subject. The work considers the implications of internalizing the expectations of seemingly omniscient authorities. In this sense, the images also explore Foucault's idea of "the docile body." Eschewing traditional narrative, the paintings combine historical and contemporary methods of painting. Juxtaposing precise rendering with gestural and flat paint, each image relies on the viewer's associative responses to construct meaning. The series reflects on what painting is and what it is expected to ‘do.' Hovering between the recognizable and the enigmatic, the paintings resist, complicate and engage those expectations.

Senior Exhibition: Dialogue


Pauline Haas: Compulsive Continuation: A Celebration of Her 90th Year
Recent work of Pauline Haas, who taught art at Whitworth for nearly 20 years and retired in 1986.

Rose Bond: Poetics and Public Projection: Layered History – Redrawn Memory
Animated film installations.

Ceramics Invitational: Matt Boland, Gina Fruen, Terry Greber, Lisa Nappa, Chris Tyllia

Senior Exhibition: Cairn


Ben Frank Moss III: Mythical Landscapes

Michelle Forsyth

Zach Bent: A Pathetic Adventure
Exhibition of sculpture, photograph and video.

Senior Exhibition: Real Eyes – Realize – Real Lies


Bruce Herman: Face to Face
Recent figurative works by Bruce Herman.

Faculty Art Exhibit

Gerri Sayler: Infinitesimal
Hot glue installation creates space reminiscent of ice caves, exploring the cycles of nature and the nature of time, especially in regard to the formation of the Palouse during the last ice age.

Senior Exhibition


Amanda Knowles: Underpinnings
Works confront, appropriate and subvert the visual language of science to reconsider how we understand the world in terms of structure and logic.

Roger Feldman: Bridge
Interactive installations.

Kent Anderson Butler: The Embodied Project
Variety of mediums including video installation, performance and photography, often using himself as a subject in exploring themes of pain, pleasure, struggle and redemption within a context of sacred prophecy.

Junior Art Exhibition: Vagabond

Senior Art Exhibition: Overtones/Undercurrents
04/26/2011-05/14/2011 (Saranac 05/06/2011-05/26/2011)


Nik Meisel: High Noon
Interactive installation rendering everyday objects and images in unexpected ways.

Whitworth Art Faculty Exhibition: What Are You Laughing At?
Melissa Lang, Lance Sinnema, Meagan Stirling, Gordon Wilson, Katie Creyts, Scott Kolbo, Stephen Rue, Meredith Shimizu, Pete Arthur, Jesse Pierpont

CIVA Traveling Exhibition: Art + Text: Images, Concepts and Ideas
Zach Bent, Wayne Adams, Andrew Barchus, Sandra Bowden, Sandra Jean Ceas, Amy Day, Guy Chase, Rico Gatson, Jenine Hard, Jerry Holsopple, John Reid Perkins-Buzo, Wayne Roosa, Gene Schmidt, Karen Swenholt, Mark Philip Venema, Ali Wunder

Junior Exhibition: deFINEart

Senior Exhibition: Stains


Old Bones in a New Vernacular: Selection from Whitworth's Permanent Art Collection
(Bryan Oliver Gallery Grand Opening)

Ross Sawyers: New/Like New
Inkjet photography.

Lanny Devuono: History and Histrionics

Thomas O'Day: Recovery (twenty years) 2009
Exhibition of 30 works exhumed from nearby Whitworth's old Fine Arts building, where they were buried by the artist 20 years before.

Junior Exhibition: Mélange: Beginnings

Senior Exhibition: Something Better Than Free Beer