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Daniels Photography Travel Award

Get paid a minimum of $1,000 to explore your faculty-led off-campus program using photography or video.*

Submission Date

Thursday before the off-campus program applications are due, currently Feb. 29, 2024.

Who Qualifies

This award is open to any Whitworth students who are applying for a faculty-led off-campus Jan/May Term or semester-long course for the following academic year. Awards will only be granted to students who are accepted and attend an off-campus program. Financial need will be considered.

Criteria for Jurying

We will be assessing your photos with the following in mind: content, composition, uniqueness of concept, innovative expression and quality of submission.


Students will be required to explore their study abroad experience through photography or video, keeping in mind the criteria above. We may ask that they post to Instagram during the trip. Of the award, $500 will be given on their return after the student submits a written statement about their trip along with 10-12 photographs with captions or a short video for a virtual or in-person exhibition; format of exhibition to be decided by the committee.

How You Can Apply

Submit the Daniels Photography Travel Award Application Form.

Application Directions

Upload the below information with your application:

  • A cover letter
  • At least 10 original photographs or a short video taken by you, upload to application or submit your website address.
    Photographs should be high-quality (300 DPI and no larger than 8x10 inches) and each should include a caption. Captions should include a title, date of photo, dimensions and a brief statement about the work (no more than 100 words each).

* Awards start at $1,000. Of the award, $500 will be given as a stipend when the student submits the written statement and photographs or video after their trip is completed. The decision to award as a scholarship or a stipend will depend on the student's financial aid package. Stipends are classified as income and will be taxed.

Interested But Not Ready to Apply?

Download an informational flyer here: Daniels Photography Travel Award Application Details