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Honors Program

Research with Faculty

The Whitworth Honors Program encourages students to undertake research with a faculty member, one of just a handful of high-impact learning activities according to the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE). 

Off-Campus Programs

The National Survey of Student Engagement has also identified study abroad as a high-impact learning activity. In addition to the plethora of wonderful faculty-led programs, Whitworth honors students can take advantage of other off-campus opportunities, including several organized by IES and one at Oxford University.  


Whitworth Honors promotes internships. Honors students receive priority consideration and partial funding for some elite internships at the Smithsonian, in Washington, D.C. Students can choose between fall semester and Jan Term programs.

Cohort Experience

The cohort model encourages collaboration and support between student peers. Honors students become part of a community of student scholars.

Honors Creative Projects

Honors creative projects offer students an opportunity to work on an individual or group project in the arts, such as a performance or exhibition.

Questions? Contact Doug Sugano, professor of English and director of honors (, or Will Kynes, associate professor of theology and assistant director of honors (