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Chemistry Lab Safety

Chemistry lab safety is integrated into the curriculum for each course. Freshmen and sophomore sequence labs (CH101L, CH102L, CH 161L, CH 181L, CH 271L and CH 278L) include a substantial chemistry lab safety lecture with quiz. Students are required to pass the safety quiz with a score of 80% or better to be allowed to participate in lab. A safety sheet is also provided for each lab procedure which provides chemical safety rating information, lab specific guidance, and waste disposal instructions. Students take a quiz at the beginning of each lab over the procedure and safety precautions. All quiz scores are included in the students' lab grade.

Safety sheets and other safety reference training materials are posted on Blackboard. The Lab Safety Plan/Chemical Hygiene Plan is included in the Academic Chemical Management and Safety Program, which can be accessed by all of our community members by clicking here.

Upper division lab course safety training includes a review of the safety basics and the addition of a new applicable safety topic. At the beginning of each course, as with the other courses, the students must pass a quiz to participate in the lab.

The framework for all of our safety training is the notion that a student's safety depends on both their knowledge and their behavior. Training is meant to increase their knowledge as well as to encourage safe behavior choices.