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Writing Consultants


Angela Baik, '19 (Task Force Supervisor)
Major: English (writing track)
Expertise: Creative writing (poetry), scholarship writing, visual rhetoric
Other Powers: Ambidextrous, multilingual, winged eyeliner expert
Alexandra Begley, '19 (Training and Outreach Coordinator)
Major: English (writing track), editing and publishing minor
Expertise: Grammar, introductions and conclusions, creative writing

Audrey Chang, '20
Major: Nursing
Expertise: Creative writing, theses, brainstorming
Other Powers: Organizer, event planner, llama whisperer

Devon Clements, '18
Major: English (literature track), philosophy minor
Expertise: Rhetorical analysis, literary analysis, creative writing
Other Powers: Citing obscure movie quotations, making bomb charcuterie platters

Jessica Clements (Director)
Bachelor’s Degree: Capital University
Master’s Degree: The Ohio State University
Ph.D.: Purdue University
Expertise: Rhetoric and composition; public rhetorics and rhetoric, technology, digital writing
Other Powers: Mother of two, video game guru

Alejandra Gomez, '20 (Spanish Language Writing Specialist)
Major: Marketing
Expertise: Introductions and conclusions, organization, theses
Other Powers: Advocating hugs, changing majors, being an artist

Alli Kieckbusch, '19
Major: English (writing track), general business minor
Expertise: Brainstorming/outlining, professional writing, grammar/mechanics
Other Powers: Indie music expert, basketball player, avid hammocker

Paul MacDonald, '20
Major: Computer Science
Expertise: Theses, grammar/mechanics, creative writing
Other Powers: Filmmaking, cello playing, inventing “other powers”

Courtney Murphy, '18
Major: English (writing track), theology and environmental studies minors
Expertise: Creative nonfiction, literary analysis, understanding prompts
Other Powers: Drinking too much coffee, vegan baking

Eamonn Neff, '18
Major: English (writing track), psychology and leadership minors
Expertise: Creative writing, biographical writing, leadership papers
Other Powers: Double-jointedness, well-executed puns, cartwheels

Jake Nelson, '19 (Technical Manager)
Major: Political science; law and justice, German, philosophy and English minors
Expertise: Argumentative papers, brainstorming, professional writing
Other Powers: Average height of a Hollywood movie star, Top Gear (UK) expert (now, The Grand Tour), fantasy enthusiast

Kalani Padilla, '19
Major: English (writing track); film and visual narrative, theology minors
Expertise: Multimodal composing (digital video), short fiction, study methods/resources
Other Powers: List making, unorthodox emoji usage, singing really (really) low notes

Rip Pahukoa, '19
Major: English (writing track), general business minor
Expertise: Creative writing, organization, focus
Other Powers: Sleeping in, playing sports, making omelets

Angie Peng, '18
Major: English (writing track), music minor
Expertise: Theses, development, organization
Other Powers: Chinese fluency, cat cuddling, walking Lord of the Rings encyclopedia

Rebecca Tucker, '19
Majors: Physics, French
Expertise: Grammar/mechanics, professional writing, French language writing
Other Powers: Peeling oranges, crocheting, making bad math and physics jokes

Erin Wolf, '19
Major: English (writing track), film and visual narrative minor
Expertise: Creative writing, multimodal composing, organization
Other Powers: Recognizing movie soundtracks in 20 seconds or less, knowing too much about Marvel superheroes, knitting/crocheting