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Writing Consultants


Alexandra Begley, '19 (Co-Training and Outreach Coordinator) 

Major: English (writing track); editing and publishing, journalism minors 

Expertise: Creative writing, theses, rhetorical analyses
Technological Proficiencies: Adobe InDesign, Google Suite
Other Powers: Olfactory receptor, coffee and tea enthusiast, light seeker
Audrey Chang, '20 (Technical Manager)
Major: Community health (nursing track)
Expertise: Brainstorming, rhetorical analyses, grammar/mechanics
Technological Proficiencies: Canva, Microsoft PowerPoint
Other Powers: Being 100% not subtle, making Pinterest boards, putting outfits together
Jessica Clements (Director) 

Bachelor's Degree: Capital University
Master's Degree: The Ohio State University 

Ph.D.: Purdue University 

Expertise: Rhetoric and composition: public rhetorics; rhetoric, technology, and digital writing; writing center theory and practice 

Other Powers: Wrangling toddlers, rescuing plants, baking pure deliciousness
Sarah Haman, '19
Major: English (writing track)
Expertise: Creative writing (poetry, fiction, storyboarding), professional writing, research
Technological Proficiencies: Adobe InDesign and (some) Photoshop, Audacity, blogging
Language Proficiencies: Intermediate French
Other Powers: Completing video games, knowing too much about superheroes, napping
Sam Holzer, '20
Major: Computer science (business track), mathematical economics
Expertise: Technical writing, source integration, visual rhetoric
Technological Proficiencies: (Some) Adobe Photoshop, Open Office, Google Docs
Other Powers: Troubleshooting and building computers, combining foods oddly, walking quietly
Alli Kieckbusch, '19
Major: English (writing track); general business, film/visual narrative minors
Expertise: Brainstorming, professional writing, MLA format
Technological Proficiencies: Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, iMovie, Keynote, Pages, Comic Life
Other Powers: Napping, wasting time on YouTube, sneaking expertly
Katie Lacayo, '19 (Task Force Supervisor)
Major: English (writing track); editing and publishing, speech communication, music minors
Expertise: Creative writing (fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction), developing/organizing ideas, speech writing, design
Technological Proficiencies: Adobe Creative Suite, Wix (website building), iMovie, Voice Memos
Other Powers: Song-writing, adventuring to amazing places, quoting entire episodes of The Office
Paul MacDonald, '20
Major: Computer science; English minor
Expertise: Research-based arguments, brainstorming, creative writing
Technological Proficiencies: Windows Movie Maker, Power Director
Other Powers: Filmmaking, cello playing, doing impressions with expert comic timing and quotation dropping
Gabriel Meek, '20
Major: English (literature and writing tracks)
Expertise: Literary analyses, creative writing, outlining
Technological Proficiencies: Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, iMovie, Wikispaces, Google Drive, Blogger
Other Powers: Star Wars nerd, film quotation enthusiast, distance runner
Anesu Mujenge, '21 (Co-Training and Outreach Coordinator)
Major: International studies (political science emphasis), French; English minor
Expertise: Brainstorming, research-based arguments, analyses
Technological Proficiencies: iMovie, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides
Language Proficiencies: Intermediate French
Other Powers: Sensational punster, developing French speaker, soccer (a.k.a., real football) connoisseur  

Marta Muñoz Laserreta, '20 (Spanish-language Writing Consultant)
Major: Political science, international studies
Expertise: Brainstorming, organization, grammar
Technological Proficiencies: Microsoft PowerPoint, iMovie
Language proficiencies: Spanish, Catalan
Other powers: Travel dreamer, Netflix marathoner, hiker, fashion magazine addict

Rip Pahukoa, '19
Major: English (writing track); general business minor
Expertise: Creative writing, organization, focus
Technological Proficiencies: (Some) Adobe InDesign, (some) iMovie, Microsoft PowerPoint
Other Powers: Sleeping in, playing sports, making omelets
Graham Shuhda, '21
Major: English (literature track), theatre
Expertise: Rhetorical strategies, creative writing, design
Technological Proficiencies: (Most) Adobe Creative Suite, Google Docs, Microsoft PowerPoint
Other Powers: Exceptionally flexible, connoisseur of SuperWhoLock, fluent in sarcasm
Chloe Taton, '19
Major: English (writing track)
Expertise: Creative writing (short fiction), MLA format, literary projects
Technological Proficiencies: (Some) Adobe InDesign, Google Drive/Docs/Slides, DuckDuckGo
Other Powers: Alphabetizing obsessively, referencing obscure literature, disguising my underlying nerdiness
Rebecca Tucker, '19
Majors: Physics; French minor
Expertise: Professional writing, brainstorming, grammar
Technological Proficiencies: LaTeX, Microsoft Publisher, Adobe InDesign, Medium (blogging)
Language Proficiencies: French
Other Powers: Reaching the top shelf, sitting improperly on chairs, drinking tea (avidly)
Lisa Van Hulzen, '20
Major: Business management
Expertise: Professional writing (business genres), research, brainstorming/outlining
Technological Proficiencies: Adobe Lightroom, iMovie, Microsoft PowerPoint
Language Proficiencies: Basic French
Other Powers: Photographer, Batman expert
Jack Vandergriend, '21
Major: English (writing track); film/visual narrative minor
Expertise: Creative writing (fiction), literary analyses/film analyses, visual design
Technological Proficiencies: WordPress, (some) Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Windows Movie Maker, iMovie, (some) Audacity, Google Docs/Slides
Language Proficiencies: Basic Spanish
Other Powers: Cartooning, quoting Pirates of the Caribbean
Tucker Wilson, '20
Major: English (writing track), Communication (speech track)
Expertise: Argumentative writing, creative writing, brainstorming
Technological Proficiencies: (Some) Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, Audacity, Google Docs
Other Powers: Amateur voice actor, pun connoisseur, superhero expert, Goose Latin authority