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Writing Consultants


Aaron Bratt '23

Major: Music (composition), English (writing)
Expertise: Argumentative essay writing, creative writing, audio/sound design
Technological Proficiencies: Microsoft and Google Suite products (Docs, Word, Powerpoint, Sheets, etc.), as well as music notation software (Sibelius) and recording/ audio design software (Logic)
Other Powers: High-context humor, losing track of time

Alvaro Campos Ontiveros ’23 (Spanish Language Writing Consultant)

Major: Health science; Spanish minor
Expertise: Spanish 
Other Powers: Ability to speak two languages

Isaac D'Atre ‘23

Major: English; film and visual narratives minor
Expertise: Creative writing, technical writing, MLA, design
Technological Proficiencies: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Word
Other Powers: Leveraging tabletop and role-playing game knowledge, playing ukulele, and quoting movies


Dakota Farrer '22

Major: English (writing); psychology minor
Expertise: Brainstorming, creative writing, organization
Technological Proficiencies: Google Slides and Docs, Microsoft Word
Other Powers: Finding words (completing word searches), procrastination, quietly eating all the Oreos, and collecting cool hats

Sage Fosnock ‘25

Major: English 
Expertise: Close reading/analysis, creative writing (poetry)
Technological Proficiencies: Google Slides/Docs, Microsoft Word
Other Powers: Making very specific playlists, having random sports knowledge, juggling, and coming up with creative catchphrases


Cassidy Franklin '25

Major: English (writing); editing and publishing minor
Expertise: Structure and development, rhetorical analysis, creative writing
Technological Proficiencies: Google Docs/Slides
Other Powers: Writing songs to process life, slowly morphing my personality into Lorelai Gilmore, and creating way-too-detailed Pinterest boards for everything I read

Kendra Guttridge '23

Major: Sociology (social services and community action); business minor
Expertise: Brainstorming, outlining, creative writing
Technological Proficiencies: Canva and Google Slides/Docs
Other Powers: Being cozy!

Celia Hagey '23

Major: English (writing); Spanish, editing and publishing minor
Expertise: Core papers, literary analysis, comma rules
Technological Proficiencies: Some Adobe InDesign, some Wordpress, Google Slides/Docs
Other Powers: Spending long hours in the library, eating sugary foods, and obsessing over my favorite books and TV shows


Jared McDougall '24

Major: English, secondary education; theatre minor
Expertise: Resumes, rhetorical analysis
Technological Proficiencies: Microsoft Word and PowerPoint
Other Powers: Acting, dancing, playing board games, and stockpiling Star Wars trivia

Megan Necochea '24

Major: English (writing); editing and publishing minor
Expertise: Creative writing, literary analysis
Technological Proficiencies: Adobe InDesign, Canva, and Google Docs
Other powers: Swing dancing, reading the same books over and over again

Isabelle Scottlind '24

Major: History, English (literature)
Expertise: Chicago Manual of Style, grammar/mechanics, digital media writing, visual composition, historical analysis
Technological Proficiencies: Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Docs, Google Slides, and Canva

Hui Yi Soh ‘25

Major: Undeclared
Expertise: Structure, outlining, and rhetorical analysis. 
Technological Proficiencies: Google Slides/Docs, Microsoft PowerPoint 
Other Powers: Netflix marathoner, foodie, travel enthusiast 

Laura Pierson '23

Major: Political science, English (writing)
Expertise: Outlining, organizational structure, research synthesis
Technological Proficiencies: Microsoft Word/PowerPoint, Canva, Google Scholar
Other Powers: Always having a joke at my disposal, eating only brown M&M's, and always being cold

Elisa Vigil '25

Majors: Political Science, English; editing and publishing minor
Expertise: Literary analysis, essays, presentations and speeches
Technological Proficiencies: Microsoft PowerPoint, Google Slides/Docs, Google Drive
Other Powers: Always taking a W in Among Us

Dani Wolf '24

Major: English (writing); theatre, French, editing/publishing minors
Expertise: Creative writing (short stories, poetry), literary analysis, visual design
Technological Proficiencies: Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Google Slides/Docs
Other Powers: Drinking tea, reading excessively, owning a wide variety of sweaters