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Course Information: 2022-23

Each course includes online content, personal development activities and a weekly 90-minute group coaching session via Zoom. Participants who attend all scheduled weekly Zoom sessions and complete the online activities each week receive a digital badge to signify completion of the course. Each course also comes with a one-on-one coaching session with our lead facilitator; using the coaching session is not a requirement for the course or badge.

Earn a single badge for any or all of the following courses:

  • Navigating with Confidence
  • Speaking Up
  • Mindful Leadership

A certificate is earned when all three courses are completed. Participants will earn a Graduate Studies in Business Leadership Certificate for Women: Elevate, with a digital badge that can be displayed and shared on social media platforms.

Navigating with Confidence 

Focus: Using your values, strengths and sense of purpose to navigate leadership opportunities and challenges.

Week 1 Introduction & Foundation
Week 2 Values: The Beliefs That Matter to You
Week 3 Strengths: Using & Refining Your Natural Talents
Week 4 Purpose: The People You Want to Serve & the Impact You Hope to Have
Week 5 Application Project
Week 6 Conclusion & Next Steps

Speaking Up (Feb. 6-March 17, 2023) 

Focus: Harnessing influence and impact with your voice, your story and your presence.

Week 1 Introduction & Foundation
Week 2 Activate Your Voice
Week 3 Center Other Voices
Week 4 Cultivate Presence
Week 5 Persuade Others
Week 6 Conclusion & Next Steps 

Mindful Leadership (April 3-May 12, 2023)

Focus: Understanding your mind at work.

Week 1 Introduction & Foundation
Week 2 Fear: Shifting from Threat to Trust
Week 3 Drama: Heroes, Villains & Victims
Week 4 Results: Owning Your Unhappy Ending
Week 5 Habits: The Roles We Keep Playing
Week 6 Application & Conclusion: Forming & Using a Mastermind* 

*The Mastermind format is a small group (four to six people) structured conversation tool that creates a space for accelerated growth and problem-solving. Participants learn to listen with empathy, ask powerful questions, and offer creative suggestions. Groups are equipped to continue to meet, using the Mastermind format on their own upon the conclusion of the program.