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Information for Prospective Students

Requirements for Admission

Incoming first-year students with a 3.75 cumulative weighted GPA and an 1860 SAT/1320 SAT/28 ACT are admitted with honors to Whitworth University. Students admitted with honors are eligible 1) to participate in Whitworth's Honors Colloquium Scholarship Competition; 2) to apply for our honors Jan Term off-campus study program for freshmen; and 3) to receive priority consideration in registering for honors classes in their first semester. Students admitted with honors also automatically qualify to apply for the George F. Whitworth Honors Program. Students can apply to participate in the program at any point after enrolling at Whitworth; once a student is accepted into this program, s/he must maintain a 3.75 GPA to remain. To graduate as a George Whitworth Scholar, a student must complete at least 15 credits within the honors program with a grade of "C" or higher; at least six of these credits must be in upper-division courses.

Please note: The honors program is not automatically tied to a scholarship.

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Questions? Contact Doug Sugano, Professor of English, Director of Honors ( or Bendi Benson Schrambach, Professor of French, Assistant Director of Honors (