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Cowles Music Center

The original Cowles Music Building opened in 1978, providing practice, teaching, and rehearsal space for the small but growing music department. In October 2016, the Cowles Music Center debuted, adding over 21,000 square feet of new rehearsal, practice, teaching and meeting spaces.

Main Street and Student Lounge

Main Street and the second-floor student lounge are primary gathering places for students, providing ample space for group gatherings and individual study. A small kitchen space with a refrigerator, microwave and sink is adjacent and is available for use by students, faculty and staff. The main music department office on Main Street houses office staff, faculty mailboxes and a copier with workspace.   

Computer Lab 

The Symons Computer Lab has 10 stations equipped with full-size Kawai keyboards and Mac computers with a variety of music software.

Myhre Recital Hall 

The Myhre Recital hall seats 110 people and hosts more than 40 recitals and master classes each year, all of which are free and open to the public. The room has excellent acoustics and is home to the music department's Steinway Concert Grand piano.


The Paccar Classroom is home to music theory, history and ear training courses and seats up to 30 students. The Damiano Seminar Room seats 20 students and serves as home to smaller upper-level courses such as vocal pedagogy and music methods courses, as well as ensemble sectionals. Both are equipped with smart teaching stations and excellent sound systems.

Practice Rooms

The Cowles Music Center boasts 23 practice rooms that are available for individual practice. In addition, several studios are equipped with two grand pianos for piano ensemble and collaborative piano study.

Murdock Jazz Rehearsal Room

Home to Whitworth's award-winning Jazz Ensemble, the Murdock jazz room also houses rehearsals of Jazz II and jazz combos, as well as a variety of other courses. The room is the ideal size and is acoustically suitable for both large and small jazz groups.

Storm Choral Rehearsal Room

Boasting 2,400 square feet of rehearsal space and incorporating abundant natural light, the Storm Choral Rehearsal Room is a flexible space allowing for a variety of configurations of choral ensembles. Designed with tunable, state-of-the art acoustics, the room also hosts occasional concerts and recitals.

Ott Knott Instrumental Rehearsal Room

Ott Knott Instrumental Rehearsal Room is home to Whitworth's Wind Symphony and Symphony Orchestra. Designed with tunable, state-of-the art acoustics, the room also hosts occasional concerts and recitals.

Bennett Percussion Studio

Percussion lessons are taught in the Bennett Percussion Studio, which includes ample space for storage of a wide variety of percussion instruments and room for small percussion ensembles to rehearse.

Recording Studio

The Johnston Fix Foundation Recording Studio provides recording facilities for teaching and individual student and ensemble recording projects. The sound-isolated control room is wired to each of the large rehearsal and performance spaces, and video and audio links allow communication for recording from each space. The control room, which is built around a Pro Tools HD system, features high-end microphone preamps and an S3 control surface, and can capture more than 24 channels of high-resolution audio via a Dante network.

Conference Room

The Robblee Conference Room hosts meetings of the music department, as well as other campus departments and groups.


The Lantern provides one of the best views anywhere on campus. This room is used primarily for chamber rehearsals and provides a quiet space for students to study.