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Letters of Recommendation

Particularly during your junior and senior years, you may require recommendations to be written for graduate or law schools, internships, etc. In the Whitworth History Department, we find that the end of fall semester and early in the spring semester are particularly "heavy" times in which these requests come through for the professors. 

To assist the faculty in preparing letters of recommendation, we ask that you do the following:

  1. Allow at least two weeks for completion of the letters.
  2. If you are requesting multiple recommendations, please bring all the requests at one time.
  3. You should provide a cover letter including such information as:
    • Courses you took from that particular professor
    • Grades you received in those courses
    • Your average GPA
    • Your GRE or LSAT scores
    • Perhaps the subject of a paper (or two) you wrote for that professor. (After graduation, including a copy of a paper will serve to remind the professor of the quality of work you submitted.)
    • Extracurricular activities you participated in while on campus
    • If after graduation, what you have been doing since you left Whitworth
  4. Indicate the due dates and addresses for the letters.