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Schedule & Courses

Over the course of one year, you will have the opportunity to engage in three destination retreats. Retreats will include facilitated discussion, group dinners, seminar readings, guest speakers and an evening social. Generally, sessions are scheduled to begin early Friday afternoons and end early Monday afternoons. All retreats are led and moderated by Kevin Parker.


Dates Destination
Sept. 20-23, 2024  Park City, Utah 
Jan. 24-27, 2025 Palm Springs, Calif. 
April 25-28, 2025 Sunriver, Ore.


Dates Destination
Sept. 22-25, 2023  Park City, Utah 
Jan. 26-29, 2024 Palm Springs, Calif. 
May 3-6, 2024 (post-session gathering) Sunriver, Ore.


What You'll Learn

Throughout the courses, you’ll have the opportunity to explore several important themes in leadership of self, teams and organizations. Discussions may include topics such as:

  • Adaptive leadership
  • Conflict and crucibles
  • What is standing in your way – biases, mind traps and blind spots
  • Developing your personal board of directors
  • Values-based leadership
  • Establishing priorities

Facilitated discussion during each retreat will follow readings assigned ahead of time to maximize your engagement and time together.

The Institute Difference

New Energy & Focus: Destination Intensives
The Institute of Leadership is specifically designed to take high-achieving professionals out of their natural environments and into locations of serenity. The destination weekends are designed to calm the mind so Fellows are energized and focused for a weekend of deliberate discussion, critical thinking and community. We believe this level of clarity is achieved when distractions are reduced, settings speak to the beauty of the natural world and Fellows are attended to with provided meals, robust discourse, reflection time and comfort.

Shared Dialogue: The Socratic Method
The Institute is primarily conducted through the Socratic method – a discussion-based discourse technique accredited to Socrates – that builds on the wisdom of the group. Through guided questioning, this technique seeks to stimulate critical thinking and the drawing out of ideas. The experience tends to be unique and effective for those who are used to traditional classroom formats that include presentations, lectures and tests. Each group of Fellows will critically analyze texts, situations and observations, and reflect on the points which matter deeply to them. Every year, discussions vary and profound moments are created uniquely by the group experiencing them.

Developed by Business Leaders for Business Leaders
Fellows are exposed to a vast professional network of C-suite board mentors, past fellows and a current cohort of high-performing professionals. This business focus guides fellows to discover and question how their leadership affects all aspects of the business eco-system – their customers, community, stakeholders, employees, co-workers, supply chains, revenues, performance, etc.