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Communication & Culture Minor

The communication & culture minor is an interdisciplinary course of study that exposes you to cultural studies with an emphasis on media and its cultural impact, as well as communication styles across and within cultures and co-cultures. Our cultural environment shapes who we are, which in turn shapes our communication with others. Understanding your own culture and that of others is vital in our globalized society. With a communication & culture minor you will become equipped with cultural competence, a skill recognized as increasingly vital in an array of industries.

Why minor in communication & culture at Whitworth?

  • Explore the vast range of co-cultures that shape our identities and which we must navigate as we communicate with others.
  • Evaluate the prominent role of media in spreading cultural values and ideologies.
  • Gain intercultural competency through a variety of courses including Critical Media Analysis, Intercultural Communication and Stereotypes in Media.
  • Conduct research with faculty members to present at academic conferences.
  • Study off campus. In our Hollywood Spotlight in Gender program, you will meet with leaders in the entertainment industry and reflect on diversity, culture and how we as content creators or consumers can promote products that represent a wider array of cultures.
  • Model God's call to love one another by learning about different cultures, their way of communicating and belief differences.
  • Participate in film and cultural events on and off campus for extra credit in courses.
  • Become who you're meant to be.

Our communication & culture grads make a difference (and get jobs)

A minor in communication & culture prepares you for graduate school and jobs in a broad range of disciplines including political science, sociology, journalism and media studies, and English.
Our recent communication & culture graduates further their studies in top programs at institutions including:

  • Colorado State University

Ask our faculty

Headshot of Nichole Bogarosh

Ask Nichole

Communication & Culture Director and Associate Professor of Communication Studies Nichole Bogarosh teaches courses including Intercultural Communication and Representations of Women in Popular Culture.

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