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Editing & Publishing Minor

The editing & publishing minor at Whitworth provides students with a practical application for traditional liberal arts skills and helps students imagine direct career paths for their studies. You will find out just how many ways the skills of editing can be applied and work and learn in professional contexts, putting the skills of close reading, analysis, aesthetic discernment and strong writing to the test. Students across disciplines can benefit from the professional experience and practical applications of their learning offered by this minor.

Why minor in editing & publishing at Whitworth?

  • Gain resume-worthy professional experience and editorial credit as part of the Rock & Sling staff. You will be directly responsible for copy editing, proofreading and selecting material for this literary journal.
  • Hone your leadership skills. Advanced students in the minor serve as editors-in-chief or assistant editors for campus publications like the The Whitworthian, the Natsihi yearbook, Rock & Sling and Script (the in-house art and literature magazine).
  • Join a tight-knit community. As an editorial staff member, you'll gather weekly with other students and faculty, and long meetings are often accompanied by shared meals and a strong sense of camaraderie.
  • Connect with professional organizations and departments across campus through editorial and publishing projects. Students have worked on projects and designed books for churches, organizations and the Whitworth Office of the President.
  • Connect your faith or worldview to your studies. You will be encouraged to consider your sense of aesthetic judgement in the context of faith, and Rock & Sling requires students to read widely in the literature of Christian witness.
  • Become who you're meant to be.

Our editing & publishing grads make a difference (and get jobs)

Graduates with an editing & publishing minor are prepared for work in editorial roles such as technical writing; textbook, scientific or magazine editing; and independent publishing. Students have also gone on to graduate and certificate programs in publishing and have worked in such fields as journalism, marketing, graphic design, nonprofits and missions.

Recent placements include:

  • Morgan Feddes Satre, communications specialist and managing editor of Advance, Council of Christian Colleges & Universities, Washington, D.C.
  • Jennifer Rudsit, publishing coordinator, Sasquatch Books, Seattle
  • Karina Basso, senior editor of Tablets & Capsules magazine, CSC Publishing Inc., San Francisco
  • Aly Brooks, office manager, Quaker Cove Retreat Center, Anacortes, Wash.
  • Mary Schmick, technical writer & editor, Mission Support Alliance, Richland, Wash.

Our recent editing & publishing grads further their studies in top graduate programs at institutions including:

  • Emerson College
  • Portland State University
  • Penn State University
  • Eastern Washington University
  • University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • University of Pittsburgh

Ask our faculty

Ask Thom

Associate Professor of English Thom Caraway teaches courses including Introduction to Editing, Book Design & Publishing, and American Literary Journals.

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