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Film & Visual Narrative Minor

As a film & visual narrative minor, you will study visual storytelling, emerging forms of digital narrative, and the history and aesthetics of film. You will be asked to consider the relationship between film and culture and examine what it means to encounter art and storytelling in your daily life. This interdisciplinary minor allows students to explore visual communication, improve their writing and analysis skills, develop technical skills, and cultivate a multimodal approach to storytelling. Overall, you will be equipped to tell stories effectively, through words and visuals, in our multimedia driven world. 

Why minor in film & visual narrative at Whitworth?

  • Benefit from hands-on learning and individualized instruction in small, project- and discussion-driven classes.
  • Take advantage of off-campus programs like the opportunity to spend a semester at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center, where you’ll see filmmaking up close, complete an internship and explore career possibilities.
  • Develop creative partnerships with students from across majors.
  • Hone your intercultural competency as you examine storytelling from diverse voices and perspectives and develop tools to help you thoughtfully engage with culture.
  • Take electives from varying disciplines, like Acting: Fundamentals, Photojournalism and World Cinema, that will give you the freedom to dive into topics that fit your interests and goals.
  • Become who you’re meant to be.

Our film & visual narrative grads make a difference (and get jobs)

Film & visual narrative graduates often find positions that combine the content of this minor with their major. Our grads have gone on to jobs in education, filmmaking and video production, photography, social media and marketing, and technical writing.

Recent placements include:

  • Gabrielle Perez, community lead, The Cloud Room

Ask our faculty

Ask Fred

Professor of English and Director of the film & visual narrative minor Fred Johnson teaches courses including Introduction to Film Studies and specializes in film and American literature since 1900.

Ask Casey

Professor of English and Department Chair Casey Andrews specializes in film and British Literature since 1900 and teaches courses including World Cinema.

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