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A nursing degree through Whitworth and Washington State University will put you at the forefront of transforming and improving healthcare in the United States, where nurses make up the largest group of healthcare providers. Pre-nursing at Whitworth will equip you with the solid foundation of a Christian liberal arts education and provide you the opportunity to be a part of Whitworth's community throughout the entirety of your undergraduate education.

Students will complete their general education and nursing prerequisite requirements at Whitworth before applying to the WSU College of Nursing, with which Whitworth is a founding partner. Those accepted to the College of Nursing then engage in a unique blend of coursework, clinical training and community engagement based out of the WSU Health Sciences campus in downtown Spokane. Students graduate with a bachelor of science in nursing from WSU.

Dual enrollment option

Upon acceptance to the College of Nursing, Whitworth students will have the option to transfer to WSU or be dual enrolled at both Whitworth and WSU. Students who choose dual enrollment will have the opportunity to take Whitworth seminar courses that explore the vocation of nursing along with topics such as faith and values, ethics, professionalism, vocational calling, job satisfaction, purpose and meaning in vocation, self-care, spiritual therapeutics for patients, resiliency, and holistic health and wellness. At graduation, dual enrollment students will receive their diploma and nursing degree from WSU and may participate in both commencement ceremonies. Whitworth students who do not wish to pursue dual enrollment will transfer to WSU for their nursing degree completion.

Why begin your nursing degree at Whitworth?

  • Leverage a Whitworth liberal arts education to become a well-rounded healthcare professional. In addition to gaining a theoretical and practical understanding of human health and wellness, you will have the opportunity to take a wide variety of classes that will enhance your communication and critical-thinking skills, which are important in the nursing profession.
  • Experience Whitworth's vibrant campus life, and be a part of Whitworth's community throughout your entire undergraduate degree! You will have full access to many of the resources and events that Whitworth offers even while at the College of Nursing: campus housing, on-campus employment, the recreation center, computer labs and the library, athletics events, and more.
  • Learn in the realistic environment of WSU's state-of-the-art Simulation Lab, which features mannequins and role-playing actors. A national leader in using simulation in instruction, the WSU College of Nursing will help you strengthen your clinical, teamwork and decision-making skills in a safe environment.
  • Gain experience with diverse patient populations in a variety of real-world settings through clinical rotations. Rotations help many students decide which area of nursing they're interested in as a career.
  • Learn how to genuinely connect with patients from all types of backgrounds, with emphasis on caring for the whole patient, including on an emotional level.
  • Be part of WSU's nationally recognized College of Nursing. The National League for Nursing has named the WSU College of Nursing a Center of Excellence for “Enhancing Student Learning and Professional Development.”
  • Become who you're meant to be.

Our nursing grads make a difference (and get jobs)

Nursing is one of the fastest-growing occupations, and our graduates are in high demand by employers statewide. Nurses have many potential careers to choose from, including staff nurse in a hospital or clinic, school nurse, nursing home or home-care nurse, public health nurse, flight transport nurse, military nurse or travel nurse.

Recent job placements include:

  • Mark Plummer, oncology RN, Providence Sacred Heart and Holy Family hospitals, Spokane
  • Emily Fisher, surgical services RN, Providence Sacred Heart Medical Center and Children's Hospital, Spokane
  • Michelle Bauman, medical unit RN, Seattle Children's Hospital

Opportunities outside the classroom

  • Participate in immunization fairs and health clinics in rural and underserved areas of Eastern Washington, under the guidance of faculty.
  • During the summer, volunteer at Camp Stix for kids with diabetes or work with Native American high school students participating in the Na-ha-shnee Health Sciences Institute.
  • Take advantage of ample opportunities to conduct research, generally in conjunction with WSU College of Nursing faculty. Present your findings at WSU's Showcase for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, where nursing students have won awards.
  • Enhance your technical skills and employability by joining WSU's popular Health Sciences Simulation Club (aka Sim Club).
  • Develop leadership skills through the WSU College of Nursing's Student Ambassador Program or Student Nurse Leaders organization.

Pack your bags!

The WSU College of Nursing offers annual international programs that provide experience in global healthcare. Through the faculty-led Healthcare in Peru program, students conduct medical clinics in the Amazon region and analyze the cultural, social, environmental and economic factors that can influence healthcare. Through the Hearts in Motion program, students provide care and medical treatment to children and families in Central and South America.

More information on out-of-state tuition and student requirements is available in our course catalog.