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Track Archives

The Academy provides a variety of tracks (courses), provided through two modes of deliver: current tracks and the library tracks.

Current Tracks

Current track sessions are distributed to cohorts within weeks of being recorded, which provides relevant and meaningful content. Teachings are then used for training and discipleship within ministry partner cohorts, consist of at least five members, who then become the catalyst for formation in their own communities. After the completion of a current track, the sessions are placed into the Academy Library (see below).

The Fall of 2017 will include the following track:

Leadership Track
"The Third Way"
Early Christian ways of being God's people
Jerry Sittser, Ph.D.

Library Tracks

Past tracks are professionally recorded and are accessed and viewed on our online library.

Library tracks include:

Biblical Tracks

  • The Biblical Story - What is the Bible & how do we live it out in daily life?
    • Various Whitworth faculty/staff (22 hours)
  • The Gospel in the Four Gospels
    • The Gospel of Matthew – Dale Bruner, Th.D. (9 hours)
    • The Gospel of Mark - Jim Edwards, Ph.D. (7 hours)
    • The Gospel of Luke – Jim Edwards, Ph.D. (7 hours)
    • The Gospel of John – Terry McGonigal, Ph.D. (7 hours)

Leadership Tracks

  • Christian Leadership - Providing the foundations for functional maturity
    • Jerry Sittser and staff
  • Deepening the Roots System
    • Jerry Sittser and staff

Missional Tracks

  • ON MISSION – Engaging with and learning from the persecuted church
    • Collaboration with Partners International (22 hours)