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2019-20 Dornsife Student-Led Programs Report

Read about the work student Community Engagement Advocates and Whitworth volunteers completed in the Spokane community on the Dornsife Student-Led Programs 2019-20 Report.

Service Opportunities

Service in Your Class

  • Learning outcomes for Whitworth service-learning courses will include: 
    • Students will be able to articulate one or more needs of the Spokane community and identify one or more factors that create those needs.
    • Students will be able to explain ways that they can have an impact on their community. 
    • Students will be able to apply course content to community based experiences. 
    • Students will be able to identify a community organization's mission and communicate effectively on its behalf.
    • Students will be able to articulate the different identities and cultural perspectives of community groups. 
      • The above learning outcomes apply to all service-learning courses at Whitworth University and are derived from the essential learning outcomes of the LEAP initiative.

Forms for Service-Learning in Your Class

Student Leadership

Community engagement advocates are given a unique opportunity for students to engage in all aspects of developing and implementing programs for service-learning opportunities and experiential education. Students are recruited and trained to lead asset-based programs focused on youth and community development. These programs are designed to integrate academic service-learning and provide a student-led approach to transforming communities both on and off campus. Student leaders are challenged to grow personally and professionally throughout their work by creating opportunities for fellow students and community members to see themselves as agents of meaningful social change.

Hiring for CEA positions begins in February for the following academic year. Please visit to learn more about available positions and the hiring process.