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West Central Neighborhood Partnership

The West Central Neighborhood Partnership is a collaborative neighborhood revitalization effort between Whitworth University and multiple stakeholders in the West Central neighborhood. This place-based initiative connects cognitive, human and financial capital to address critical-need areas identified by the West Central neighborhood organizations and residents.  

Whitworth’s investment in West Central has included: 

  • Workforce development and job training 
  • Creation of affordable housing  
  • Job creation and retention through business development
  • Neighborhood revitalization through the development and adoption of a neighborhood plan to address poverty, housing, community services and facilities within the West Central neighborhood

Students engage in community development through service-learning and the Co-Curricular Service-Learning programs. Student investment in the neighborhood has advanced: 

  • K-12 education 
  • Youth development 
  • College access  
  • Food security 
  • Community organizing 
  • Nonprofit marketing and digital media 
  • Arts 
  • Historical education 
  • Substance abuse prevention and wellness 
  • Community health