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Phone Information for Students

Widespread use of cell phones has greatly reduced the use of the university telephone system by on-campus students. Whitworth University will no longer assign individual telephone numbers or voicemail boxes to students. Floor courtesy phones remain available to students, but Whitworth no longer provides in-room phone jacks for student landlines and answering machines.

Long-Distance Calls

Long-distance calls can be placed from any campus phone using a prepaid long-distance card.

Collect Calls

Do not accept a collect call on a campus telephone. Acceptance of a collect call will result in a $25 fine.

Problem Calls

If you receive an obscene, harassing or threatening call, say nothing and calmly hang up. Notify campus security at x4444.

Dialing Instructions
Emergency 911. If you happen to dial 911 accidentally, stay on the line and inform the person who answers that you misdialed.
Campus security x4444
On-campus extension Four-digit extension
Off-campus, local 9 + seven-digit number
800 number 9 + 1 + 800 + seven-digit number
Long distance Use prepaid 1-800 card
Directory assistance Use prepaid 1-800 card
Credit card Use the 1-800 access number on your card to access your credit card carrier directly.