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Alexis Mcleod

Alumni Spotlight: Alexis McLeod '18, MBA '19

Employer: Numerica Credit Union

Spotlight On: Adventure

When Alexis McLeod '16, MBA '19, was looking at graduate business schools, there was one thing that set Whitworth apart from the rest. At Whitworth, McLeod says, "a student is more than just a student – you are there to be a part of something great."  

That "something great" can be many different things for Whitworth MBA students: the sense of community and mentorship cultivated among peers; the environment of support, collaboration and servant leadership they build over time; and the strides toward empowerment they take together.  

Whitworth MBA students make an impact everywhere they go, and McLeod has gone everywhere. A wilderness expert and explorer at heart, McLeod used her time in the MBA program to explore her potential.  

On the Sun Valley excursion, she discovered her calling as a leader and entrepreneur. Through the concentration in executive leadership, she learned about her resilience and unique gifts as a team builder. Through the Women's Leadership Network, she explores the challenges and opportunities facing her as a woman in the business world.  

Now, through these connections made in the MBA program, McLeod is investigating a new set of opportunities as a marcom specialist at Numerica Credit Union.  

Opportunities for growth seem to seek McLeod out, even when she might not be looking for them. On all of these co-curricular outings, she says, "I was there to learn how to be a better businesswoman." But, she says, in these remote spaces, outside the comfort zone of a classroom or a boardroom, "I was also given the chance to discover some truths about myself I had never been given the opportunity to see."   

For McLeod, the Whitworth MBA program was a platform not only for growth, but for a family. "I chose Whitworth because I knew I would not receive the same love and support anywhere else," she says. "This was the one program that saw and believed in my full potential, and would push me to get there."