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Ekow Nottinson NyaakuEkow Nottinson-Nyaaku '20

Washington Trust Bank

Spotlight On: Real-World Learning 

Ekow Nottinson-Nyaaku joined the Whitworth MBA program as one of the many international students that enrich our classrooms. Having the opportunity to learn from and engage with diverse perspectives in every course is one of the key characteristics of the Whitworth MBA program.

"I was surprised by the academic diversity in the program, which was not just filled with candidates with business undergrad degrees," Nottinson-Nyaaku says. "My classmates had a mix of academic and professional experiences, ranging from physics to philosophy."

In fact, only about half of all Whitworth MBA students enter the program with a formal business background. The other half contribute knowledge and experience from the STEM fields, marketing and communications, and other liberal arts backgrounds. We value this diversity as a representation of what our graduates can expect in the real world, and we strive to prepare them to engage with an increasingly diverse business community.

"Whitworth's emphasis on incorporating real-life scenarios and actively applying what is taught in in the classroom is what set this MBA program apart as the right choice for me," Nottinson-Nyaaku says.

Whatever your background and experience may be, the Whitworth MBA program has something for you – and something to learn from you.