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Hunter Smit

Hunter Smit '19, MBA '20

F5, Inc.

Spotlight On: Pursuing Your Purpose 

As an undergraduate business student at Whitworth, Hunter Smit wasted no time planning for his future and contemplating the tough decisions ahead of him.

"During my sophomore year of my undergraduate education, I was meeting with an academic advisor and the conversation segued into MBA programs," he says. "It sparked a deeper conversation regarding goals and purpose – both professionally and personally."

For Smit, the conversation about MBA programs kept circling back to three essential questions about his calling, ambition and long-term goals. At Whitworth, Smit found an MBA program that was as passionate about these questions as he was.

"Multiple faculty members mentored me and spent hours outside of class learning about my story," he says. "It's one thing to attend class; it's another to be actively involved, asking the pressing questions and having professors' mentorship as we push onward."

At Whitworth, we believe that an MBA is more than a degree. We believe in walking alongside our students as an ally through all of the growth, challenges and big questions that come with pursuing one's purpose.

"All of this opened the door for possibilities I didn't recognize beforehand," Smit says.