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Alumni Spotlight: Julieanna Thomas MBA '18

Employer: Providence

Spotlight On: The Personal Touch

Julieanna Thomas MBA '18 spent more than a year looking for the right graduate program and struggled to find one that felt right. She wanted a program that offered a personal touch, care and a sense of inclusion. Then she found Whitworth University.

"Whitworth offered the small classroom, in-person experience that I knew was the best learning environment for me," she says. "I felt so happy after sitting down with the academic advisor and talking through all of my options. I knew after that visit it was the perfect fit." 

Thomas embodies the principles of servant leadership, a core value of the Whitworth MBA program. Her commitment to the personal experience, to individualized guidance and to compassionate shared learning are what set her apart as a leader. 

"My biggest point of growth was gaining self-assurance in my own leadership," she says. "I had the opportunity to attend the Sun Valley program, and it was amazing. The emphasis the instructors placed on servant leadership during that immersion course has had a lasting impact on how I choose to lead in my professional career."

Thomas was awarded by her MBA peers the 2018 John Hengesh Award for her servant leadership, compassion and quiet excellence. As an alum, Thomas continues to lead her community by example.

"Whitworth's MBA program provided me with both the skills and the confidence to pursue a more fulfilling career within my organization," Thomas says. "I now have direction that I didn't have before and the framework to accomplish what I want to do."