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Justin Johnson

Alumni Spotlight: Justin Johnson MBA '19

Employer: Itron

Spotlight On: Family

When choosing an MBA program, Justin Johnson MBA '19 was looking for more than the traditional classroom experience. Johnson needed a team by his side that shared his priorities and put what mattered most to him first.

"Being a nontraditional student, I was looking for a program that could fit into my busy life," Johnson says. "Whitworth offered the most flexibility with the highest level of education in the area."

Whitworth MBA students wear many hats. Johnson is a father, a husband, a United States service member, an analyst for Itron, and now a Whitworth MBA graduate. Johnson's time is precious, and through life's challenges he has learned how to prioritize what matters most. What Johnson found in the Whitworth MBA program was a team that cared for him, his family and the things most important to him.

"Everyone on both the staff and faculty truly care about not only your academic growth but your personal growth as well," Johnson says. "They are completely invested into each individual's entire well-being. It may sound cheesy, but you really do become part of a family."

Like so many of our adult students, Johnson's work-life balance is critical for his success and for the well-being of his family. In the Whitworth MBA program, Johnson found an even bigger family, and a lifelong source of support.