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Kamera Winfrey

Kamera (Kami) Winfrey '20

PotlatchDeltic Corp.

Spotlight On: Finding Your Leadership Style

As the director of technical services for PotlatchDeltic Corp., Kami Winfrey is the one to call when you need a technical expert. She leads a team of professionals whose skills – while essential to business operations – are often overshadowed in the business community.

"Being a technology professional, I felt like I was often on the outskirts of the business," Winfrey says. "But the Whitworth MBA program made me appreciate, understand and respect what each profession does daily."

Understanding the unique needs, motivations and strengths of your teams is essential to becoming a successful business leader. Developing that understanding has long been a passion for Winfrey.

"I have always been drawn to leadership and love learning how to become a better leader," she says. "With the fast-paced world we live in, it can be a challenge to slow down and reflect on what type of leader you would like to become."

For Winfrey, the opportunity to purposefully learn from leaders across industries drew her to the Whitworth MBA program and made a lasting impact on her self-image as a leader.

"Seeing multiple perspectives from different leaders was eye-opening," she says. "It taught us that no matter your strengths and weaknesses, you can be a good leader in your own way. I would not have been able to have this type of growth without the Whitworth MBA program."