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Nicole Hanson

Alum Spotlight: Nicolle Hansen MBA '19

Employer: SNAP

Spotlight On: Empowerment

Nicolle Hansen MBA '19 took a thorough look at all of her options before choosing an MBA program. In fact, Hansen interviewed seven programs before making her decision. The deciding factor? A program that valued her time and talents as much as she did.

"My list of must-haves included that the program be student-centered," Hansen says. "The Whitworth MBA program listened to my story and showed tremendous respect to me as a student."

Hansen knew her time in an MBA program would be an investment, and she deserved a program that would care for that investment as much as she did. What is more, Hansen deserved a program that would encourage her to chase everything she deserved in life.

"My time in the Whitworth MBA program really taught me how valuable I am. I have discounted my own contributions for a long time, not really feeling that I had the smarts to make it in a program like this," she says. "I learned that I have a valid voice in my career and in my community."

Finding her voice and coming to know her own value was worth the investment. Now that Hansen has graduated from the program, some things have changed for her.

"Getting an MBA is something you have to do for yourself, not just for your job or career," she says. "Throughout this program, I have changed so much. The way I think and my approach to problems and challenges is completely different. I have so much more confidence in my voice."