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Sarah Herington

Alumni Spotlight: Sarah Herington MBA '19

Employer: HUB International

Spotlight On: Personal Growth

Sarah Herington MBA '19 is experienced in making hard choices. For many people, life in your early 20s is all about making the hard choices that set your life course for years to come. After graduating with her B.A. in business management, Herington came to a crossroads while trying to determine her next move. One thing she knew for certain was that Whitworth would support her growth whichever way she chose.

"I felt confident choosing Whitworth because of its commitment to community and an education that works on making people better as a whole and not just book-smart," Herington says. "Whitworth professors care about you and your progress in both mind and heart."

In her MBA classroom, Herington found peers, mentors and friendships that empowered her to become her best self.

"When I came back from the MBA excursion to Sun Valley, I had the confidence and ambition to change the path of my life. Within a month of my return I changed almost everything in my life for the better," she says. "I got a new job, I spent my time with better people, and put time into my emotional intelligence and personal growth. I refocused my life toward the future I wanted and took control. I couldn't have done that without the community of Whitworth around me and the guidance of MBA professors."

With the help of her Whitworth community, Herington found it easier to make the hard choices and choose her best self, every time.  

"The people I met and experiences I shared with my class changed my life," she says. "Being around a small group of people that only want to see you grow is a rare blessing."