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Shasta Mcdowell

Alumni Spotlight: Shasta McDowell MBA '19

Employer: MultiCare

Spotlight On: Diversity

It may be surprising to know that more than 70 percent of Whitworth MBA students do not come from a formal business background. Shasta McDowell MBA '19, a nurse and armed forces service member, is among those students. When she arrived at Whitworth, she was surprised to discover that she and an MBA were a perfect match. 

"Having no background in business, I was surprised at how relatable most of the material was and the effort put in by professors to use examples that were relevant to members of the class," she says. "I didn't need to wait until graduation to start utilizing the skills I learned. I was able to immediately put lessons into practice while progressing through the program."

The Whitworth MBA program attracts talented students from diverse professional fields – from STEM to the arts to education, nonprofit and for-profit organizations alike, including an array of independent entrepreneurial ventures. Every applicant is evaluated holistically and valued as a unique person.

"As a military service member, professors and staff were accommodating of my training requirements, which allowed me to not fall behind in program completion," she says. "I'm thankful for that flexibility and understanding."

Whitworth MBA students from all backgrounds find their unique skills, experiences and perspectives make for a vibrant learning environment and a dynamic professional network.

"The Whitworth MBA program provided an in-class environment that promoted networking and learning from those outside of my career field," McDowell says, "and that is where I made some of my most important relationships."