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Tommy Poole

Alumni Spotlight: Tommy Poole MBA '19

Employer: Engie

Spotlight On: Community Connection

Tommy Poole MBA '19 is an innovator, a creator and an advocate for his community. Poole values real people, real connections and real hard work that does good for the community. When Poole first arrived in Spokane, Whitworth University stood out to him as the real deal.

"I considered all of the MBA programs in the Spokane area, and Whitworth had the most forward-thinking, no-nonsense, self-aware approach to the MBA degree," Poole says. "The application process made sense, the prerequisite requirements were reasonable, and the scholarships were competitive. Furthermore, the six-week class format is perfect for working people with busy schedules to keep track of."

Like many of our students, Poole was in search of a modern learning experience – one that reflects the demands, expectations and environment of a current business professional. Poole found that experience in the Whitworth MBA program.

"The Whitworth program attracts high-caliber people, both students and teachers. Working, debating and connecting with these types of people really makes the content come to life," Poole says. "My classmates represented a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds. Working among them forced me to think hard about moving complex projects to completion in a way that engages everyone and leans on their strengths."

Poole is passionate about tapping into local networks and making connections in the Spokane community, and he found the Whitworth MBA program has enabled him to connect in new and fulfilling ways.

"I made it a point to connect with business leaders or businesses each week during my schooling. I reached out through email, LinkedIn and cold calling," Poole says. "The name 'Whitworth' opened doors in the Spokane community and made connecting easy."

Whether your aspirations are financial, entrepreneurial, career-driven or community-driven, the Whitworth MBA program will help you make real connections.