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The Difference Women Make Together

Our collective efforts are dynamic and impactful. Powerful, too. By supporting the Women's Leadership Network (WLN) financially, you enhance the lives of our current Whitworth students, provide new and valuable opportunities, and make a difference, together.

Why give?

There are many ways to be involved with the WLN, and we hope you take advantage of all of them. But as we watch the impact of these dollars on the lives of our students, we can't help but feel that this is Whitworth at its finest – giving back and pouring in to what matters: our students, our community and our world. It's exciting and important, and we encourage you to join us in it.


Our Projects

The Women's Leadership Network Philanthropy Fund (WLNPF) invests in projects that finance one of the following:

  • Specific projects/programs that benefit Whitworth and our students
  • Expansion of existing programs to broaden scopes and outreach
  • New programs to continue development of the WLN
  • Support toward students and their leadership development

Our Timeline

Gifts to the WLNPF are collected annually (January-December). At the beginning of each calendar year, the fund's grants committee determines awards to be used at any time in that calendar year. 

  • January-December: Gifts to the WLNPF are collected.
  • April-May: Grant proposals are considered for campus.
  • June: The grants committee determines awards.
  • September to the following May: All award dollars are spent to support students.
Goals of the WLN
  • Unite the female leaders of today with those of tomorrow.
  • Empower women to be catalysts for positive change in life, business and their communities.
  • Promote professional and personal growth and development.
  • Increase and sustain the powerful representation of Whitworth alumnae and friends around the world.
  • Foster community through fun activities, networking events and engaging dialogue.
  • Uphold and enhance Whitworth's legacy and tradition of service and giving back to others.

Grants Timeline



All WLN donors vote on projects.



WLN Grants Committee determines project awards.


Academic School Year (Fall-Spring)

WLN executes grant projects on campus and awards scholarships.