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Student Women's Leadership Network

The women of Whitworth have the power to change the world - and they already have. The Student branch of Whitworth's Women's Leadership Network (SWLN) explores topics in women's leadership by harnessing the collective power of Whitworth women who came before us, and seeks to learn more together about the unique contributions that we can make to Whitworth and our communities after graduating.

We believe that when Whitworth women work together, we are an unparalleled force for change and growth.

Who We Are

The SWLN provides opportunities for students to network, improve professional and personal skills, and learn from the experience of other accomplished women - many of whom are Whitworth alums themselves!

We work to advance tomorrow's workforce by encouraging and developing strong female leadership here at Whitworth University.           

What We Do

The SWLN seeks to develop and cultivate student's leadership by providing connections, community and learning experiences through leadership development, relationship development and collective impact. Each year we:

  • Practice leadership alongside other women
  • Sharpen skills in research, marketing and community organizing
  • Innovate meaningful programming for one another on campus
  • Engage with an alumni mentor and the powerful representation of Whitworth alums and friends around the world
  • Expand personal experience with volunteer work and community service
  • Gain valuable insight and wisdom from guest speakers

Our Programs

Learning to Lead

Learning to Lead is a half day program that provides high school students exposure to dynamic female leaders from the extended Whitworth community, interactive sessions and activities, and time to collaborate and reflect. SWLN members work together to provide opportunities for high school juniors and seniors to:

Hear from Whitworth's outstanding female leaders

  • Interact with current Whitworth student leaders in breakout sessions and workshops
  • Explore topics of female leadership and hone their own leadership toolkit
  • Discuss building upon leadership skills developed during high school 
  • Strengthen their résumé with a commitment to personal development and leadership

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Join us Today and Invest in Yourself

Together we are powerful and more than capable of making a difference in our communities. Through speaking out for the needs of ourselves and others, we can use our leadership to change the world.

As a council, we hope to provide a forum for women who want to learn, connect and share with one another. We hope you'll join us!