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Senior art major finds platform for self-expression and changeDanica stands next to a circular glass art sculpture and smiles.

Meet Danica Marlin '17 a double-major in art (3D track) and art administration. Marlin transferred to Whitworth from Cottey College, in Missouri, a small all-women's school. Following in her footsteps, her brother and sister, who are twins, will begin attending Whitworth in fall 2016.

"My cousin, Tylan Rogers, '09, attended Whitworth and absolutely loved his experience," Marlin says. "Another reason I chose Whitworth is the great art program they offer here. The professors have been awesome and have really encouraged my creative growth."

Marlin has been involved with art since childhood.

"I fell in love with the ability of art to convey a message to the viewer," she says. "Originally, I hoped to be an art therapist, but my passion for art eventually won over my love of psychology."

Marlin chose the 3-D art track because it allows her more use of her hands in the creative process.

"I feel I have so much more control over the creative process utilizing a tangible medium," she says. "I think of art as a great platform for self-expression and change."

Currently, Marlin is working on several different projects, including honing her oil-painting skills in her free time.

"I've got my hands in a few pots right now," Marlin says. "I've been focusing on a few large glass sculpture pieces. Some of the pieces utilize the melting of small glass shards called frit and also incorporate copper wire and metal elements."

She displayed four glass pieces and three ceramic works in a junior exhibition April 25-29.

Beyond the art department, Marlin is involved with Whitworth's ultimate Frisbee team and with the Kipos Garden Club.

"Both of these activities have helped me get more connected. As a transfer student it can be difficult to find your place, and activities like these really improved the adjustment process for me," she says.

After graduating from Whitworth, Marlin plans to find a way to influence people positively through art, perhaps through her personal artwork or by being a curator for other work in galleries.

"I also hope to continue experiencing many great things in my life with my friends and family," she says. "I hope to travel, to continue being a student at life, and to explore all of life's possibilities."