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Addie Grow '09

Connecting people, supporting growth in the School of Business

Derek Taylor '08

Bringing learning to life, putting faith into practice

Ron's Reflections

Retiring Professor Ron Pyle shares his top relationship lessons

Zach Ross '21

Art major drawn to remote, wild places

Chauncella Koulibali '22

Psychology major finds empowerment through speech and debate

A Change of Heart

Hannah Jian Rzeszewicz ’18 follows passion for marine conservation

Shawn Washington '04

Providing a safe space for students

Dale Soden

History is rarely predictable

Chloe Millard '22

Voice major to spend summer on opera stage

Bi Zhao

Approaching politics with compassion, civility

Taylor Meredith '22

My reality with T1D

Bev (Anderson) Washburn '61

Alumna champions national title-winning baseball team

Sorayya Mohammadi '21

Lifelong learner and teacher

Nathan Newberg '07

Alum saves lives as a rescue swimmer for the military

Health Science with a Soul

Students learn to treat the whole patient

Megan Wynecoop '20

Academic minute

Justin Ulbright

Anatomy instructor introduces students to adaptive sports

Beck A. Taylor

Choosing gems, not costume jewelry

Forrest Buckner

The God of consolation

Fifteen Ways to Be Well

Professors, staff offer tips for this unique time

Framework for Forgiveness

David Sloan '05 guides business students through an uncommon topic

Julie Taylor

Gratitude for the gift

Carol Simon

How to fulfill your destiny

Solo Grey '21

Football player strives to be servant leader

Anne Wilcox

Treasure in jars of clay

Maria Straight '21

Academic minute

Drew Craddock '21

The cool factor of crystals

Jaime & Brian Stoess

Timeline: Adoption

Jillian Hines '20

Unforgettable moments from a congressional internship

Sam Lees '20

New Zealander a leader on and off the court

Sather Gowdy '11

Alum finds healing through acts of kindness

Renee Barton '07

National Guard member returns home to guide students

Roland Baez '20

Support system stretches across continents

Bob Woodward

'We Beat on Against the Current'

Summer Snapshot

Students were moved by their experiences

Dainen Penta '97

Lawyer serves the vulnerable

Sabrina Votava '19

A dedication to suicide prevention

Catherine Tobey

'A New Day'

Climbing into the Wild

Students build skills, stamina to summit Mount Hood

Coding Meets Community

Mathematics & computer science department provides much-needed support for community

Desiré Desoto '96

Alumna has big impact in home community

Living on Campus

The unofficial guide for moving to campus

James Alford '19

Education major reflects on own lessons learned

Taylor Kolste '20

Academic minute

Unexpected Embrace

One struggling veteran and 10 students make surprising discoveries in Vietnam

Jake Andrews

English professor blends interests in fiction, theology

Beck & Peanut

Meet the sixth member of the Taylor family

Teachers' Pets

Our professors love their furry (and feathered) friends. Prepare to smile.

Beyond Words

Whitworth's debaters experience growth, friendship and success

Chris and Jenn Atwood

Whitworth couple revitalizing historic Miami church

Breeann Wilson '19

Math grad moves forward with confidence

Abigail Nye '19

Theological study leads to meaningful discoveries

Ryan Cole '17

Coach puts his faith into practice

Kalani Padilla '19

Finding harmony among creative pursuits

Jacqueline vanWormer

Criminology and criminal justice majors gain real-world experience

Jenna Morris '17

Alumna studies threat to forests

Defining Moments

Whitworth faculty and staff share pivotal revelations that changed their lives

Kevin Glover

Timeline: Medical School

Cooper Strout '17

Student success center provides a needed spark

Malachi Areta '22

Family tragedy leads to 'so many miracles'

Faith Lopez-Flores '19

Alzheimer's club promotes awareness, provides help

Jorin Graham '19

Finding direction in the City of Lights

Mutsa Chiromo '19

Giving back is a way of life for student from Zimbabwe

Joial Griffith

Basketball coach committed to competition, relationships

Debora Calderon '19

Seeing neuroscience's healing potential

Gordon Wilson

Professor, painter, traveler

Veronica Scafidi

Academic minute

Colin Powell

Attitude Matters

Ivie-Fleur Rabon '19

Forging a path for the Filipino community

Nadia Sarfraz '20

Promoting inclusivity at the Smithsonian

Naphtali Fields

Theatre professor invites students to collaborate, explore

Nichole Clark '12

Teacher pays it forward

Ian Fisher '18

Combining passions for service, economics in the Peace Corps

Denin Koch '18

Jazz guitarist heads to dream music school

Hugh Smith '19

Pitcher chosen in MLB draft almost gave up baseball

Shannon Wessel '17, MIT '18

New teacher inspired by biology professor

Rediet Medhane '19

Love of French leads to adventure, broader perspective

Robert "Stu" Sturtevant '10, MBA '18

A driving force for veterans

Luke Atherton '18

Engaging with tough ideas in Washington, D.C.

Harika Echuri '18

Aspiring doctor dreams big, prepares for med school

Mesfin Symons '19

Investing in community through finance and service

Trinity Torres '18

Senior uses second chance to help others develop potential

Kari Smith '15

Alumna embraces the challenge of serving in the Peace Corps

Justice Martinez '18

Using math to tackle meningitis

Megan Cavataio '18

Ebstein's anomaly inspires student to pursue pediatric cardiology

Stephen Fleming '18

Young Life leader invests in Whitworth and Spokane communities

Rhiana Everest '19

Global sociology major "puts down roots" in Spokane

Thomas Gearhart '05

Army Ranger, barbecue pitmaster and proud alum

Mike Ingram

Success of Whitworth Forensics Program and its director is undebatable

Kat Duarte '17

Computer science major offered post-graduation job with Google

Daniel Geiter '16

Whitworth's Dornsife Center gives students opportunity to serve, even beyond graduation

Jessica Langdon '18

Study-abroad trip changes student's perspective and academic goals

Nathalia Alvarez '18

Biology major explores what it means to be a Christian and a scientist

Grady O'Shea '19

Grady O'Shea stars in Whitworth production of "Go, Dog. Go!"

Alberto de Miguel '18

International student impressed by community support of Whitworth basketball

Vincent Peak '17

Veteran, app developer, steward of the environment

Gretchen Van Lith '17

Internships have senior genuinely excited for post-grad life

Bailey Vallee '17

A dream job for a dance minor with a vision

Dianna Pategas '92

Alumni Service to Whitworth Award Winner 2016

Adarsh and Anand Purohith '18

Twin siblings share a passion for connecting with people

Sarah Bruns '19

Resident assistant prepares through reliance on faith and her community

Bradley Oiler

Professor oversees new high-demand major

Tibo Colman '18

Future history professor emphasizes culture

ASWU Executives 2016

ASWU executives strive to foster positive change for Whitworth community

Lisa Bobb '18 & Whitney Jester '17

Whitworth students advocate for sustainable change

Mitch Carbon '20

Freshman reclaims his life at Whitworth

Asa Arhelger '17

Cultural Diversity Advocate finds a community through shared stories

Marc Grow '08

From Warden to Whitworth to Wall Street

Team Cup Challenge 2016

Whitworth professor helps athletic training students gain valuable field experience

Danjuma Quarless '10

Alum's genomic research maps a new future for clinical medicine

Courtney Alfrey '11

Theatre alum makes good on Broadway

Jane Holmes '18 & Wes Walton '16

Teammates agree: swimming is a way of life

Kelly McCrillis '09 & Ryan Graves '11

Award-winning cinematic duo creates feature-length film

Leah Silvieus '07

Alumna embraces the unexpected

Golf House 2016

High-achieving housemates prepare to go their separate ways

Danica Marlin '17

Senior art major finds platform for self-expression and change

Kristen Schoenike '16

Biology student passionately invests in world around her

Ethics Bowl Team 2016

Whitworth Ethics Bowl Team completes successful season with ICW win

Justin Botejue '16

Internship in D.C. helps prepare ASWU president for career in public service

Jonathan Bumpus '17

Music major appreciates high standard for excellence and opportunities to perform in different arenas

Francesca Bisciglia '16

International studies major stresses the importance of being a global citizen

Matt Krieger '06

Bilingual dentist uses both mind and heart to serve his patients

Amy Jo Meiners '88

Whitworth alum named Alaska's Teacher of the Year

Joshua Vinton '16

Student from Tanzania values opportunities at Whitworth

Meara Faw '08

Alumna's award-winning research delves into the intersection of communication and health

John Pell

Southern barbecue, Northwest roots, and the power of collaboration

Bao Tran '19

Whitworth student discovers the world through photography

Christina Banda Kamkosi '13 MBA

Whitworth helped MBA graduate develop servant leadership mindset

Mike Sando '92

Alum crafts super career as NFL columnist for

Taylor Roelofs '18

Whitworth football player enjoys community of encouragement and shared faith

Aminah Keevy '19

Freshman student brings Egyptian experience to Whitworth

Grant Casady

Whitworth professor strives to understand and benefit endangered bird species

Jennifer Wickering '16

Continuing-studies student preparing to work in immigration law

Jake Cooney '03

Alum helps take exciting idea to booming startup success

Joie Ikuzwe '18

Whitworth donor scholarship creates opportunity for international student

Caylee Olson '18

Music professors give sophomore confidence to pursue her passions

Aaron Putzke and Alex Hoffman '16

Faculty-student biology research garners first place at conference

Hannah Tweet '16

Forensics program elevates student's Whitworth experience

Aaron Dyszelski

Passionate theatre professor instills creative spirit in his students

Katie Cunningham '16

English major 'gains confidence in skills' through Smithsonian internship

Chris Schepman '06

Chris Schepman '06: Technical mentor. Karaoke app creator. Fan of Spokane.

Josiah Roloff '15

Digital forensics analyst applies Whitworth education to his high-tech company

Rebekah Bresee '16

New editor-in-chief of "The Whitworthian" is prepared for the challenge

Kamesh Sankaran

Physics professor, fueled by faith, helps propel NASA, Whitworth students

Samual Jarrett '16

Australia native, soccer standout ready for career as an equity analyst

Meredith Shimizu '93

Art professor imparts "Aha!" moments to her students

Pete Tucker '91

Computer science prof practices what he teaches

Anna Schowengerdt '93

Alumna's passion for humanitarian-relief work first ignited at Whitworth

Clemence Kitambala '18

Multilingual Whitworth student loves living in Spokane

Michelle Sanders '96

Alumna "upcycles" books destined for landfills

Eugen Lazarenco '15

Whitworth prepares international senior for business career in London

Sam Director '15

Whitworth senior thankful for professors "who have indelibly changed my life"

Chelsey Hayes '18

Softball player enjoys grand-slam Whitworth experience

Thom Caraway

This Whitworth poet can't be penned in

Mercy Kern '91

Exchange student from war-torn Liberia finds home at Whitworth

Catherine Rishmawi '18

International student plans to use Whitworth degree to heal hearts in home country

Brooke Kiener '99

Community-based theatre gives students 'the best of both worlds'

Alex Hoffman '16

Future physician claims forensics is a key to success

Thu Nguyen '16

International student pursues well-rounded Whitworth education

Bryan Peterson '15, Alanna Hamilton '17

Whitworth Theatre 'a great place to learn how to be an artist'

Danny Parker '15 opens doors to careers in new media

Itunujesu Olonade '16

Pre-med student motivated to provide healthcare in her native country

Boitumelo Nkonde '17

Future international lawyer pursues vocation at Whitworth

Frédéric Dugenet

French lecturer embraces the Whitworth difference

Camina Hirota '17, Winnie Tupailesa '18

Students stand up for human and civil rights at annual Spokane unity march

Vange Ocasio

Whitworth professor joins charge in reforming Washington state education policy

Elizabeth Porter '16

Whitworth student leads movement to teach U.S. Civil Rights history in public schools

Kendra Knutsen '15

Whitworth women's basketball: 'a family' that knows how to win

Matt Bray '15

Senior's soccer skills, academic prowess lead to success

Eric Nikssarian '15

Whitworth students create positive change in the community

Ian Robins '15

Student body earns congressional recognition for community service

Travis Hartanov '08

Alum takes action to transform others' lives

Ashley Sievers '15

Student investment group manages growing portfolio

Jeffrey Parker '14, Kristen (Miles) Parker '12

Whitworth alumni work to break cycle of poverty

Michelle Bess '09

Biology major's bold exploration leads to new career path

Rebecca Korf '15

Student exemplifies Whitworth's liberal arts education

Kendel (Huff) Froese '09

Whitworth alumna recognized for making a difference

Markus Ong

Science professor raises the bar for students from local schools

Arlin Migliazzo

The study of history generates compassion, empathy and humility

Roberta Wilburn

Following God's Call

Crucial Co-Lab-Oration

April (Szuch) Vomfell '03

Cultivating a Blooming Business

'I Am Not Alone on My Christian Journey'

Emmaus students reflect on doing life together

2020 Grads

My Favorite Memory: A Class of 2020 Album

Rudyjay Keopuhiwa '21

CS major among first graduates of Wai'anae-to-Whitworth program