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My Favorite Memory: A Class of 2020 Album

By Katie Lacayo '19

Last spring, members of the Class of 2020 experienced the loss of attending classes, studying and socializing together during what would have been their final months on campus. The 766 graduates mourned further – and the greater Whitworth community mourned with them – when their May commencement ceremonies had to be postponed due to the pandemic. To honor and celebrate the Class of 2020, we offer here photos and favorite memories contributed by members of the class.

Spending Jan Term exploring "The Meaning of Life" in New York City with Adam Neder (theology). Our class soaked up the art and food scenes, talked with a diverse range of New Yorkers about their passions, and reflected on some of life's most important themes. It was an incredible trip with such a fun group of people.

Stephanie Melton
B.A. French & Francophone Studies

Hammocking in The Loop our first year. Fall had started and the sun was shining bright. One of my friends set up a hammock, and from there came another one, until there were seven and we couldn't put up more. This is one of my favorite memories from college as it reflects a true Whitworth experience.

Abdul Haq
B.A. Computer Science – Business Track

The MBA trip to Sun Valley led by Kevin Parker '96 (MBA instructor). Kevin created an environment that enabled us to be vulnerable, develop meaningful friendships and grow intellectually. We learned from experienced leaders and dove deep into philosophical concepts while being surrounded by a beautiful, peaceful landscape.

Tyler Kennedy
Master of Business Administration

When my housemates and I performed our original song, "Country Homes," at Pirate Idol. We had so much fun singing and being goofy in front of all those people.

Andrew Ziegler
B.A. International Studies – Political Science

Goofing around, laughing and crying with my lacrosse team on our last day of practice after we discovered our season was canceled because of COVID-19.

Liah Gingerich
BBA Business Administration

Hosting the Filipino food night for the Filipino-American Student Association (FASA) back in 2017 during my sophomore year in Baldwin-Jenkins Hall. It was great to see so many students interested in the Filipino culture and to learn more about it through food.

Nate Idica
B.A. Mathematics & B.S. Bioinformatics

When I got to hear the "three words" that mean a lot to my classmates, in my Organizational Leadership class with Kevin Parker. It was incredibly powerful, and it served as a beautiful, shared moment.

Kevin Illidge
Master of Business Administration

The presentations took me outside of my comfort zone, which helped me to become a better public speaker. I currently work as a substitute teacher while also completing my MIT in elementary education and must use my public-speaking skills daily. I am thankful for the training and development of my public-speaking skills that I received from Whitworth.

Thomasine Bryant
B.A. Human Services

The weeklong expedition to Sun Valley as part of the MBA program, hosted by Kevin Parker '93 (MBA instructor). Being surrounded by a wonderous cohort of classmates and alumni alike, I experienced a superb week of learning, introspection and, above all, fun!

Jake Thompson
Master of Business Administration

My first week on campus and participating in all the traditions.

Taylor Trottier
B.A. Criminology & Criminal Justice

The very first day of school my first year at Whitworth. I was eager to meet professors and students who shared an interest in political science and international studies. The first day of school marked a new chapter in my life as I sought to redefine myself into the person I wanted to be.

Makayla Long
B.A. International Studies & B.A. Political Science

Praying and worshipping with my Hosanna team every other Tuesday in the chapel.

Brisa Reyes
B.A. Music

After the big first snow of winter our sophomore year. As all 20-something-year-olds do, my friends and I grabbed our sleds and squealed like schoolchildren as we rode down a hill in the Back 40. This was my first real time sledding, having grown up in Southern California, and after the most epic snowball war Whitworth has ever seen, I couldn’t imagine living life without winter activities or these Whitworthians.

Anya Nordling
B.S. Health Science and B.A. Community Health

The late nights studying in Dixon Hall until the security guard came and kicked us out.

Katalina Huerta
B.S. Health Science

Walking down the Hello Walk, or past the HUB, or through Baldwin-Jenkins and having five, 10 or even 20 people greet me by name as I pass. After six years at Whitworth, it never gets old.

Phillip Allevato '17
M.A. in Theology ’20

The ordinary day-to-day routines: going to and from Robinson Hall, walking to the U-Rec rain or shine, commiserating about homework with peers, trips to the HUB for food and fellowship, countless London fogs ordered in the coffee shops, and coming home to my roommates or housemates. These activities are laced into the environment Whitworth provides; the usual routes, people, buildings and atmosphere will never be forgotten. My favorite memory of Whitworth, and honestly what I miss most, is how being there felt normal.

Kelsey Anderson
B.S. Chemistry – Biochemistry Track

The BMac Haunted House. My freshman year, I got to be a zombie in the outdoor section, and I had an absolute blast hanging out, scaring people as they went through, and drinking hot chocolate made by our fellow zombie and RD, Meg Lechner. My sophomore year, I got to help put together a section with Andy Weeks '20 and Meghan Trainer '20. We designed and set up a Coraline-themed room, which was an absolute blast and very creepy. Both years, one of the best parts was seeing the BMac community come together to plan, organize, create, run and then clean up one epic haunted house. Even my junior year, when I got to go through the haunted house as a spectator because I was working the Monster Mash as a Warren RA, I still loved this tradition and how it brings so many people together.

Julia Haley
B.A. History/Social Studies and Secondary Education

The poetry reading that the English department held at Boots Bakery & Lounge last March, on the day before we moved to virtual instruction. As a graduating senior, COVID-19 abruptly removed me from the supportive environment I'd found in the English department at Whitworth, and the poetry reading was a great opportunity to hear some of my classmates' beautiful work in person for the last time. The sharing of poetry is something that I especially cherished in my time at Whitworth, because it's so deeply personal to offer up your writing to a room full of people you care about. I still find myself sending bits of verse to some of my classmates as a reminder that the act of creation is something that connects us all, even if we're far apart.

Chandler Wheeler
B.A. English

When a few of my friends and I went sledding in the Back 40 during finals week our first year at Whitworth. It was the year we had the crazy snowstorms, and it was so fun to take a break from studying and spend quality time with friends before Christmas Break.

Katherine Shipman
BBA Business Administration – Marketing Concentrations

Abbey Foster (Photo only)
B.A. Humanities

Kostadina Foster (Photo only)
B.A. Elementary Education

New Student Orientation and Traditiation. Being on stage with my new classmates for Mock Rock was super fun. Another great memory is going to Dockside in Coeur d'Alene every year with the track & field team. I loved dressing up and spending time with new and old track athletes – especially my junior year, when the fire from one of the light shows scared us because we weren't expecting it!

Nathan Conley (Quote only)
BBA Business Administration – Business Management and Marketing Concentrations

It's hard to pick a favorite memory when every Wednesday at Awake was the highlight of my week. Our Lectio Divina nights and worship nights at the old Awake house were some of the best. I love quiet time to reflect and pray, and I felt so blessed to share in that space with everyone who showed up. College moves ridiculously fast, so having the opportunity to slow down and join in community stands out to me.

Maddy Jacobs) (Quote only)
B.A. Elementary Education

The Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation course led by Daniel Mahoney (MBA adjunct faculty). During this class, I was in a national job exploration among top B2B technology companies. Dan mentored me through interview preparation and navigating offers, and he provided insight on the industry while examining how each organization fit into my career goals.

Hunter Smit (Quote only)
Master of Business Administration

The Class of 2020's combined commencement ceremony is scheduled for May 23, 2021.

This story appears in the fall 2020 issue of Whitworth Today magazine.

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