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Krystal Roberts '20, M.Ed. '21

Major: Elementary Education
Cross Country, Track & Field Athlete

TEACHING IS SOMETHING I'VE ALWAYS WANTED TO DO. I would ask my elementary school teacher if I could have extra copies of the slides from the old overhead projectors, and I would play teacher at home.

I COME FROM A FAMILY OF EDUCATORS. My grandpa came to Whitworth and got his education degree here. He was a longtime teacher and principal.

My mom is originally from Mexico, so that's part of my heritage. GETTING TO LEARN THE LANGUAGE AND THE CULTURE HAS BEEN A REALLY IMPORTANT PIECE OF MY LIFE AND SOMETHING THAT I HAVE BEEN DETERMINED TO DO. I have a minor in Spanish education, and one of my dreams is to teach in a dual language program or to incorporate Spanish and multicultural aspects into my classroom.

DURING THE SUMMERS I WORKED AS A GRAIN ELEVATOR OPERATOR for Northwest Grain Growers in Walla Walla [Wash.]. Once harvest started, I worked seven days a week and at least 13 to 14 hours a day for four to five weeks. I learned a lot about myself through that experience. I can challenge my limits.

I HAVE A PASSION FOR RUNNING, BUT THE TEAM PART OF IT IS WHY I KEPT COMING BACK EVERY YEAR. We're all working toward a common goal. Even though running is an individual sport, you want to do your best so your team can do its best.

I WANT TO GO INTO COACHING and try to give back what a lot of my coaches have shared with me. Coach [Toby] Schwarz has been one of my biggest mentors here. I've learned so much from him athletically, spiritually, academically.

AFTER I GET MY UNDERGRADUATE DEGREE, I'M GOING TO STAY HERE FOR WHITWORTH'S M.ED. IN TEACHING & LEARNING PROGRAM. I'm graduating in three years, and since I have that fourth year when I would have been in school anyway, I'd like to get started on a master's.

IT DOESN'T NECESSARILY MATTER WHAT YOU DO AS LONG AS YOU GIVE GLORY TO GOD. That's one of the things that really motivates me – to use the passions and talents God has given me to give back to others and to glorify him.

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