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Ron Pyle

Ron Pyle

Professor of Communication Studies
Years of Service: 33

What brought you to Whitworth, and what kept you here?

I came to (and stayed at) Whitworth for three primary reasons:

  • I wanted to be at a place where undergraduate teaching is central to the educational mission.
  • I wanted to be at a place where integration of my faith and my academic discipline is encouraged.
  • I wanted to be at a place that encourages relationships between faculty members and students.

What is one unforgettable moment you experienced in a class?

The day that God used a concept I taught in a session about self-concept to allow a student to believe they matter.

What is one unexpected thing a student has taught you?

International students taught me that some of the content I taught as universally true is, in fact, culturally bounded.

How have you changed since coming to Whitworth?

Whitworth is where I continue to learn the art of teaching; Whitworth is where I continue to learn to mentor and receive mentoring; and Whitworth is where I continue to learn the importance of cross-cultural relationships.

What parting advice would you offer current students and lifelong learners alike?

For current students: Please give your faculty the privilege of knowing you. Go to an office hour, or take a walk, or share a meal with a faculty member.

What is one Whitworth experience, value or memory that you'll carry with you into retirement?

Relationships are the most significant experience in life.

What do you look forward to in retirement?

Continuing to live my calling as a pastor and teacher.