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academic minute

Veronica Scafidi

Majors: Business Administration - Accounting
Music - Voice Performance

I have had a passion for singing since I was a young girl, and I started to take classical performing seriously in high school. I gained confidence in my abilities during each performance and realized that making music makes me happy. I feel complete when I can share a story with an audience and move people.

I wouldn't be studying voice today without the guidance and inspiration of two people. My high school choir director, Scott Davis ('91, MIT '93), made voice lessons easily accessible by bringing in a voice teacher, Kay Joham, during choir time. I took lessons, and Kay and Mr. Davis encouraged me to perform.

I have also always been very numbers-oriented. I enjoy looking at numbers and adding meaning to them. I also like the business aspect of accounting. I took financial accounting at Whitworth and fell in love with it. I would always dive into that homework first. It came naturally and I enjoyed it, so I figured accounting would be a good career path.

The coolest thing I've noticed as a business major is how I'm starting to understand the world better. I'm learning skills and information that are immediately applicable to my life. It makes my studies feel real and worth every minute.

I will get my CPA license after graduation, and I hope to have a successful career in accounting. I hope to perform on the side for fun and would love to be in the cast of a production or to give recitals. I still want to share music even if it isn't my career.

Scafidi's story appears in the fall 2018 issue of Whitworth Today magazine, available here.