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The Biblical Theme of Shalom

The biblical term peace (in Hebrew, shalom) is as important in the Bible as the word love, with each one appearing about 550 times. Why is it that we hear so much about love and so little about peace, especially in this moment when our world is crying for peace in so many different ways?

In this 14-part study, we will trace the biblical story of shalom from Genesis to Revelation. Each study will provide a summary of important biblical material and a guide for personal and communal reflection and application. As with all the series in the Academy of Christian Discipleship, the goal is that God's Spirit will lead us in transformative ways together as we seek to listen and learn from the scriptures and from one another. This theme of peace is at the heart of Jesus' mission as he promises, "My peace I give you, my peace I leave you."


Learn more about "The Biblical Theme of Shalom" and what you can expect from the study with Terry McGonigal.

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Session 1

This session, "Shalom Story," offers a big picture look at the theme of shalom throughout the bible.

Study Guide

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Session 5

This session, "Shalom in Exodus & Liberation," offers a preview of Terry's teaching.

Study Guide

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Track Overview

This track is designed to be studied over the course of approximately one year, with groups spending at least two meetings with each video session. Each session is accompanied by a detailed study guide with prompts for personal & communal reflection, opportunities for prayer, bible study prompts, recommendations for further reading, and small group study questions.

If some session topics are of particular interest to group members, we encourage you to spend more time exploring the topic and recommended readings.

Registration is $50 per participant. Fill out the form linked below to register your church or small group.