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June 22-25, 2020

As the risen but unrecognized Jesus walked with two travelers to Emmaus, they recounted to him Jesus' crucifixion and said that they "had hoped that he was the one who was going to redeem Israel." They had hoped, but now they began to lament. How had the world become so tragic? Where was God in the midst of such darkness? What did this mean for their future?

Like those walking on the road, the brokenness and seeming hopelessness of our world should cause us to lament, to passionately express our grief and sorrow for a world that is living outside the fullness of a life in Christ. Yet we have hope, a confident expectation in God’s promise and faithfulness. We have a risen Lord walking with us, listening to our heartaches and reassuring us with scripture.

The world is broken, we lament.

Jesus is Lord, we have hope.

Join us in June as we gather to explore the theme of lament & hope and the ways these concepts can transform how we interact with our communities, our nation and our world. We hope you will be filled with God’s word and leave with renewed hope as you embark on another year of ministry.

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Workshop Themes

Local: How do we deal with loss and grief in our own lives? How do we care for those in our congregations and communities that face great sorrow? As we explore lament we will learn from experienced pastors on how to shepherd those who are suffering. We will discuss how to care for others and yourself well and fill you with a sense of hope for God’s promise and power in our lives.

National: We live in a time of division and strife. We can't turn on the news, get on social media, or talk to friends and family without stress and anxiety filling our minds. As Christians, how do we faithfully engage in politics? How do we honor Christ's call to love the stranger? Together we will explore the complexities of hope and lament for our nation and our neighbors around the world.

Global: Reports on the climate have grown increasingly grim and resentment continues to brew between groups who disagree on the state of our planet. How can we begin to see the earth as a sacred place? What can we do at home and in our communities to confront this seemingly gargantuan problem? Together we will search for hope in the face of global crisis.

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Featured Speakers

Rev. Eugene Cho

Founder and former senior pastor of Quest Church, founder of One Day's Wages

Rev. Randy Woodley, Ph.D.

Activist, scholar, distinguished speaker, teacher and wisdom keeper

Rev. Soong-Chan Rah, D.Min, Th.D.

Milton B. Engebretson Professor of Church Growth and Evangelism at North Park Theological Seminary

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