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Licensure Disclosures for Athletic Training

Last updated Feb. 3, 2023

Whitworth's MSAT program is accredited by the CAATE, leading to eligibility to sit for the BOC national certification exam. All 49 states* which regulate the practice of athletic training through licensure, certification or registration, require applicants to (1) pass the BOC exam, (2) graduate from an approved (typically accredited) program, or (3) both. Whitworth's MSAT program meets these state requirements for professional regulation in all 49 states with state regulation of athletic training. While accreditation and/or the BOC exam are the primary requirement for regulation in all 49 states, individual states may have other additional requirements (e.g. passing a background check, verification of current CPR certification, or in rare cases an additional state exam). For more information regarding Whitworth's athletic training program and licensure in other states, please contact Cynthia Wright, Ph.D. (

*California is currently the only state without regulation of athletic training, although many athletic trainers in California voluntarily obtain and maintain national BOC certification.