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Graduate Business Program Admissions

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Although admission to Whitworth's graduate business programs is competitive, the Graduate Admissions Committee is dedicated to a thorough, holistic review of each application. We encourage you to visit Whitworth University to learn more about the program from current students, faculty and staff or to sit in on a class. To schedule a visit, please call 509.777.3222.


How to Apply

Step 1: Apply Online

Create an account to complete your online application. As you complete your application, you will be prompted to submit your $50 application fee. Please note: application fees are temporarily waived. 

The online application includes the following:

  • Two reference forms - sent directly to each reference via an online recommendation request; formal letters of reference are not required. Recommendations should come from individuals who have a superior working knowledge of the applicant, should be professional in nature and should speak to the applicant's professional work, qualities, career potential and likelihood of success in the classroom.
  • Résumé - On your résumé, please include work experience and, if applicable, service activities and recognitions. In lieu of a résumé, you may submit a link to your LinkedIn page. 

    We strongly recommend that applicants have full-time work experience. The Graduate Admissions Committee is especially interested in the quality of an applicant's professional skills as evidenced in her or his level of responsibility, leadership, supervision and teamwork. The committee also considers the relevance of these skills to the applicant's intended course of study at Whitworth and to the career goals stated in the essay.

    Service activities, such as public, community or military service, travel experiences and extracurricular activities, as well as any honors or recognitions received, are important indicators of an applicant's motivation and character. The most appropriate place to include this information is on your résumé. The accompanying personal essay may also be an appropriate place to discuss your personal background. 

  • Personal essay - 600-900 words explaining "Why Whitworth; why now; and why this program?" A strong essay will convey careful research on Whitworth and enthusiasm for the program.

You also have the option of emailing your résumé and essay to us at a later time, to In addition to submitting your application materials, you will meet with the program director to talk about your particular goals in obtaining a graduate business degree.

Step 2: Submit Official (Unopened) Transcripts

Order official transcripts from ALL colleges or universities previously attended and have them sent electronically to or by mail directly to this address: 

Whitworth University
Graduate Admissions
300 W. Hawthorne Road
Spokane, WA 99251

Although a student's GPA is reviewed for probability of academic success, we understand that undergraduate GPAs, particularly those from several years ago, may not reflect current ability or commitment to academic success. A GPA of 3.0 is recommended, particularly if the undergraduate transcript is less than five years old.

Step 3: Submit GMAT, GRE or Exam Alternative

Only required for MBA & MBL applicants: Whitworth will waive the entrance-exam requirement for applicants with an undergraduate GPA of 3.25 or higher. (If your cumulative GPA is lower than 3.25 due to first- or second-year grades, we will consider the last 90 quarter/60 semester credits for your calculated GPA.) If your undergraduate GPA is below 3.25, please submit one of the following:

  • Exam Options: Submit an official GMAT or GRE score report from an exam taken in the last five years. Scores should be above the 25th percentile in each category.
  • Exam Alternative: You may submit an analytical essay in lieu of GRE or MAT scores. Please prepare a 1,500-word essay that demonstrates your ability to analyze, synthesize and critically reflect upon information. Applicants will need to request this option through the graduate admissions office and will be sent a case study to analyze in order to prepare a response. After you complete your analytical essay, submit it to the graduate admissions office at

Please note: Applicants may be granted admission into Whitworth's program, but they are not eligible for departmental academic scholarships awarded by the university unless a GMAT or GRE score report is submitted. 

International Graduate Students

Whitworth welcomes international students to apply for its graduate business programs. Whitworth is a safe and comfortable place to study with smaller seminar-style classes that give you the opportunity to get to know your professors and classmates. The global focus of Whitworth's graduate business programs makes them an attractive option for those living outside the United States. Whitworth is located in Spokane, Wash., a midsized city with a four-season climate, so you'll want to be prepared for snow in the winter and warm, sunny summers. 

Please complete the application process as indicated above and visit the international graduate admissions page for more detailed information. If this would be your first time studying abroad, you may have questions about what it's like to study in the U.S. We are happy to answer your questions. Contact us at and we'll connect you with our graduate business advisor.

Non-Discrimination Statement

Whitworth University is committed to delivering a mission-driven educational program that cultivates in students the capacity to engage effectively across myriad dimensions of diversity. Whitworth University is committed to the fair and equal treatment of all students in its educational programs and activities. The university does not discriminate against students based on race, color, national origin, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, age, or disability and complies with all applicable federal or state non-discrimination laws in its instructional programs.