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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I earn a dual degree with an MBA and MBL?

Yes. You can earn two master’s degrees in just three years. To complete this dual degree, you will need a total of 60 unique credits from the offerings of each program (30 credits per program). Cross-listed courses will only apply once toward dual degree requirements. See an academic advisor for more information.  

Will my work history in a leadership position be considered for credit toward this program?

You may choose to enroll in a three-credit leadership internship course which would allow you to apply specific leadership experiences (including, but not limited to, service on a community board, participation in Leadership Spokane and/or specific work projects) toward your academic program. You must present an internship proposal to your academic advisor for pre-approval before enrolling in the three-credit internship course. 

Can I enroll in both the MBL and Institute of Leadership?

Yes. Participation in the Institute of Leadership is by invitation only, and admission to the MBL program does not guarantee acceptance to the Institute of Leadership. Students who are accepted to both programs may apply all nine Institute credits toward the 15 required leadership credits for the MBL program.

How are the MBA and MBL degree programs different?

While both the MBA and MBL degree programs offer a combination of business and leadership coursework, the MBA is a program comprised of a set curriculum (12 required courses), whereas the MBL allows for elective coursework in the business subjects that best suit your interests and leadership goals. 

Can I add a concentration to my MBL degree program?

No. Because the MBL is designed to include elective leadership coursework, leadership concentrations are not available for this degree. Concentrations in Executive Leadership and Comprehensive Leadership are only available as additional coursework toward an MBA degree.

Do I need to take prerequisites for the MBL?

Not necessarily. Prerequisites are tied to corresponding courses that require them. Depending on the business electives you choose, you can avoid taking any prerequisites. Business electives that do not require a prerequisite are:

  • Optimizing Human Resources
  • U.S. Transactions Law
  • Strategic Management
  • Entrepreneurship & New Venture Creation
  • Change Management
  • Risk Management
  • Operations & Project Management