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Camp Opportunity

Whitworth's Summer Program for Gifted Middle School Students

A one-week, daytime program for students entering grades 6-9. What am I passionate about? What would I like to learn more about? What are my specific gifts and talents? At Camp Opportunity, gifted youth explore answers to these questions by investigating academic interest areas. Campers choose their own path and select three classes for the week.

When: Aug. 1-5, 2022 | Monday-Friday, 9 a.m.-3:45 p.m.
Where: Whitworth University, 300 W. Hawthorne Road, Spokane
Cost: $350 per participant. There is a $25 discount per child when you register more than one child for camp.

Lunch is not included in the registration fee. Campers should plan on bringing a nut-free lunch and a snack to camp each day. They will have the option of buying lunch in the Hixson Union Building (HUB) on Wednesday. The lunch is "buffet style," a camper favorite. This special lunch option is $10, due on Wednesday of camp. Campers who do not elect this option will eat their sack lunch in the HUB as well.


Interest Areas

Each camper will select one topic "pod" for the full week. In addition to learning activities corresponding to the theme of the pod, campers will be spending some time outdoors every day. Pods will not intermingle. 

  • Pod 1: Artistic Adventures
    From the mystical charm of a woodland rabbit to the fierce grandeur of Mufasa; from the quizzical curiosity of a panda to the long-necked grade of a giraffe, we will explore making masks. We’ll create patterns and assemble structures, apply various types of air-dry clay followed by unique finishing touches with paint. Voila! You’ve developed mad skills AND you’ve created a collection to prize! This pod offers it all! Enjoy games and outdoor time too!
  • Pod 2: Get Outside
    Time to get off the screens, check out of Zoom and get outside. We will explore a variety of hands on, interactive activities that get campers up, moving and outside. Through Whitworth’s outdoor program at the U-Rec campers will have the opportunity to experience team building, rock climbing and survival strategies. Campers will also get to explore outdoor sports such as pickle ball, frisbee, and spike ball. As we all know, the summer heat and wildfires can make outdoor activities difficult, especially in the afternoons. Because of this, campers will also have time indoors to work on constructing water balloon catapults and designing their own scavenger hunts and obstacle courses.
  • Pod 3: Super STEM - Zoology Edition!
    Adaptation is all about survival! When the environment changes dramatically, some animals die, others move to another location, and some develop adaptions over generations that help them survive. Sometimes the environment changes due to natural disaster and sometimes it changes slowly over thousands of years. Learn about animal adaptations, ecosystem diversity and how animals combat climate change. Build worm bins, observe nature’s recyclers and engage in engineering designs to help animals survive.

COVID-19 Regulations

To keep our campers and community safe, we will be sanitizing our classrooms and equipment daily. Antibacterial hand-sanitizer will be available and hand washing will be encouraged throughout the day. To the extent possible, each camper will be provided their own supplies for projects to minimize sharing.  

 Campers must adhere to the following:

  • Leave all nonessential items at home.
  • Sharing of supplies and food will be prohibited.
  • Maintain physical distance from other campers.
  • Complete a health check in using Whitworth’s LiveSafe app each day. Campers will need to show evidence that step has been completed each morning upon arrival. Instructions to access the LiveSafe app will be provided to camp parents after registration.
  • If a camper has COVID symptoms and/or the LiveSafe app advises a camper not to come to campus, they will not be able to return to camp until 72 hours after the symptoms subsides. Parents/guardians of campers should notify the camp director immediately to allow camp staff to take necessary precautions. 


Please contact Whitworth University's Center for Gifted Education at or 509.777.3226.