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Social Emotional Learning, M.Ed.

Whitworth University's Social Emotional Learning degree is designed to help you meet your career and professional goals. Throughout the program you'll work with instructors who are skilled practitioners and are sensitive to the needs of working professionals. Social and emotional learning refers to the educational process through which individuals learn to manage their emotions and understand the emotional and social needs of those around them. Acquiring these skills plays a critical role in ensuring their emotional, social and behavioral success. 

  • Choose from full- or part-time options.
  • Keep your day schedule and attend class in the evening.
  • Complete the program in as little as two years.

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Degree Snapshot
Credits 36
Completion Time 2-3 years
Class Format In person, one or two evening classes per week; some online classes available
Cost Per Credit $675* per credit (financial aid & scholarships available)
Application Deadlines Fall Term Start | Apply by June 1
Later applications are considered as program space allows. 

*for the 2023-24 academic year

Classes Scheduled for Busy People

Keep your daytime commitments and attend class full- or part time in the evening. Each class meets just one night per week during the fall and spring, structured so that working professionals can attend. In the summer, courses meet two nights per week. Whitworth's Social Emotional Learning Program offers some online classes as well; enter the program at the beginning of any semester.

Already a teacher? Earn more with a master’s!

At Spokane Public Schools, you can earn over $8,000 more as a first-year teacher with a master's degree than with only a bachelor's degree – and that number goes up based on how many years you’ve been teaching. Base salary begins at $56,210 compared to $64,840 with a bachelor's, and you can achieve pay raises with additional years of service and college credits. See more below.

District Undergraduate Degree Master's Degree
Spokane Public Schools $56,210 $64,840
Mead $55,379 $64,462
Cheney $48,743 $61,359
Seattle $76,001 $88,164
Tacoma $68,534 $82,033

Source: Published salary schedules for teachers from Spokane, Mead, Cheney, Seattle, and Tacoma school districts.

"I knew getting a social emotional learning degree would help me better support my students, especially the ones who have trauma experiences. When I graduate, my master's degree will also have an impact on my salary scale."

-Sorayya Mohammadi, Spokane Public Schools

Program Curriculum

Learn cutting-edge strategies that help children develop social- and self-awareness and improve self-management and relational skills. You'll become equipped to serve with compassion and gain an understanding of a broad range of areas that can affect a child's ability to develop social and emotional learning skills.

Throughout the 36-credit program, you'll explore ways to help children develop healthy interpersonal skills and overcome difficulties (such as complex trauma and adverse childhood experiences) that can impede their motivation to learn. This program will give you the foundation to promote learning in children that will enable them to be successful in school and in life. 

Course topics include:

  • Social & cultural considerations in counseling
  • Counseling theories
  • Intervention for behavior & motivation
  • Social & emotional components of giftedness

For course descriptions and learning outcomes of this major, please view the course catalog.

Program Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a certified teacher to be admitted into the program?

No. Teaching credentials are not required for an applicant to enter the program.

Can I work while going through the program?

The Social Emotional Learning Program was structured to fit the schedules of working professionals. Classes are held in the late afternoon and evening hours so those with daytime commitments can attend.