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Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Program Student Learning Outcomes

SL 1 Program Development: Develop, lead and evaluate a data-driven school counseling and/or behavioral health program that is comprehensive, utilizes best practices, and advances the mission of the school or agency. 

SL 2 Pedagogy: Use their knowledge of pedagogy, child development, individual differences, learning barriers and Washington state learning requirements to support student and client learning. They work effectively with other educators/staff to monitor and improve student and client success. 

SL 3 Counseling & Intervention Strategies: Use a variety of research-based counseling or intervention strategies to provide prevention, intervention and responsive services to meet the academic, personal/social and career needs of all student/clients. 

SL 4 Intercultural Competency: Understand cultural contexts in a multicultural society, demonstrate fairness, equity and sensitivity to every student/client, and advocate for equitable access to instructional programs/therapeutic practices. 

SL 5 Collaboration: Collaborate with colleagues, families and community members to establish and foster an inclusive, nurturing and physically safe environment for students, clients, staff and families. 

SL 6 Ethics & Professional Growth: Engage in continuous and professional growth and development and advocate for appropriate school and behavioral health counselor identity roles. They adhere to ethical practices and to the Washington state and federal policies, laws and legislation relevant to school counseling and behavioral health.